2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – The Shadow by Z-Jing Architecture

In this private house creation,Designer Liaoo tried to be the occupant to describe the story of space and people. Through the design concept of “Less is more”, to created a more in line with the current living condition of the occupants and more natural home living space. Based on the inhabitant’s meticulous pursuit of life and temperament. Liaoo takes quiet, natural and Oriental as the key words of the overall space design.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

The Shadow
Residential Interior Built

Z-Jing Architecture

Zhiqiang Liao

Design Team
Zhang Jin, Xia Xue, Ou Xuejiao

Chengdu, Sichuan, China


©Ji Guang

The original space structure is relatively complex and has four floors. Designers through a careful analysis of the living style of residents, we designed a reasonable vertical and horizontal three-dimensional traffic path, let the space function mutually independent and connected, and in the spatial rhythm of closing and releasing, more sense of form and hierarchy is created. Surround with the widest moving line,restraint and balance are expressed with peaceful Spaces and linear architecture to achieve functional exchange.

In order to achieve the perfect combination of function and vision, designers through the minimalist shape, to serve the space; With the simplicity and purity of black and white gray, to present the most abundant texture; With materials closer to nature, to create restrained and introverted space atmosphere. Compared with the mainstream, stylist is more concerned about the owner’s way of life, in a quiet atmosphere, let yourself completely relaxed, the change and seek a balance between the eternal and fun, with the most simple color to show the most rich simple sense, architecture, environment and people also can have more dialogue, when buckish gorgeous, the rest is a noise outside.