2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – SICIS & IMPRESSION OF WORLD Brand Experience Space by JUMGO CREATIVE

Recently, Jumbo Creative brings us a brand new brand concept exhibition space.

On the second floor of the Fusen-Noble House, a visually impactful space wrapped in translucent magenta acrylic panels was presented, which attracts people’s eyes. Enter the exhibition area along the side of the SICIS glass panels. Here, the designer uses the “minus” method to summarize and index the most “spatial beauty” imaginative part of the WORLD IMPRESSION tiles.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

SICIS & IMPRESSION OF WORLD Brand Experience Space
Commercial Interior Built


Liang He

Design Team
Yinsong ZENG, Ziyang CHEN, Meng LUO, Haisui XING



©Chuan HE

It is a risk for the designer to adopt the design strategy of “inhibition before rise” in an exhibition space. If the position of the design is not certain and appropriate, it is very likely that the concept will not be able to be raised, then the design idea will fall in vain, and the whole space will fall into the narcissistic mood of “self-talking” and cannot extricate itself.
The designer has always stubbornly believed that the fundamental purpose of an exhibition space is for the interaction between people, not for designers to show their dazzling skills or sensory drama aesthetics. The core of “interaction” is to find a suitable “interface” to realize two-way communication, this is the meaning of “media”, but aesthetic output must be “one-way”.

The designer’s confidence comes from years of research and practices of young and future life styles, so that he can create an “interactive” space by media way of thinking.
A visually impactful space wrapped in translucent magenta acrylic panels was presented in a mall. At the entrance, the blue glass plate is like a glacier floating on the Arctic Ocean, forming a strong contrast to the red acrylic panels, making people look forward to the further display of the space.
This is the contrast between “rise” and “inhibition” on the first level, the designer uses pure and concealed methods to attract people to explore the mystery of the space.

Entering the communication area, the designer adopts the method of raising the ground floor to let the light shine into the space. This is the comparison of “rise” and “inhibition” on the second level, metaphorically referring to “interaction”, this is really a space with ritual meaning!
This is a formal space with supremacist feelings, coming from the beginning of mankind and pointing to the future, but it doesn not play with the form. It makes the heart get rid of irritability, returns to calmness, and communicate with people and things. This is the third level of “inhibition” and “raise”, whether functional products or luxury goods, if they only have amazing looks, they must have a short life. Only when they are related to contemporary life, can we continue to explore their possibilities beyond vision. The spatial interaction, essentially, is people’s interaction.