2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

2nd Award: PCD Design| Ru Garden · Enterprise Mansion of Science and Technology City, Nantong by Shanghai PCD Architecture Interior Design CO Ltd

Lin Yutang’s elegant and rich courtyard, It is the ultimate dream residence in people’s mind. Courtyard is the strongest symbol of Chinese traditional culture. Courtyard is undoubtedly the living complex of Chinese people.

In the past five thousand years, the Chinese nation has been pursuing the idea of “the unity of man and nature”, which is reflected in the architectural form, It is to pursue the integration of “human”, “architecture” and “nature”, A unique courtyard culture has been achieved. Square inch, and accept the world. The spring and Autumn Period in the courtyard precipitated the Chinese living philosophy of heaven, earth and man.

2nd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Shanghai PCD Architecture Interior Design CO Ltd
Architect/Designer | Jian Li
Category | Commercial Interior Built
Team | Jian Li, Zheng Wang, Zumin liang, Zhaoqian Tang
Country |China
Photographer/Copyright | ©SXWH