UDAD 2018 Office Building

Coordenada by HADVD Arquitectos

The stone constructions of Quinta de Vilar, then denominated, go back to the middle 40’s and the beginning of the 50’s. At that time the owner’s house was built, followed by the adjacent buildings destined for farming: the cellar building for the production of wine, and buildings for petting, drying and storage of cereals and fruit.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018
First Award | Category: Office Building
Architects: Carlos Villegas Duarte
Studio Name: HADVD Arquitectos
Team Members: Carlos Villegas Duarte, Hugo Amparan de León
Country: Mexico
Website: www.had-vd.com
Architects: Arq. Hugo A Amparán de León / Arq. Carlos E Villegas Duarte
Web: www.had-vd.com
Facebook: @HADVDarquitectos
Instagram: @hadvd_arquitectos
E-mail: informacion@had-vd.com
Name of project: Coordenada
Location:  Tomas Fernández, 8440, Cd. Juárez, 32424
Year: 2017
Square meters: (m2) 420 m2
Architectural photography / web: Oscar Hernández https://www.oscarhernandez.com.mx/
Design team: Arq. Hugo A Amparan de Leon / Arq. Carlos E Villegas Duarte, Guillermo Morales, Mariana Aguirre, Víctor Guzmán, Josimar Bocanegra.


  1. Herman Miller – Mobiliario
  2. Hunter Douglas – Producto Arquitectónico (Cortasoles 84R, Plafón 84R, V100, PRODEMA,
    Cortinas, 3Form)
  3. Interface – Alfombras y Pisos vinílicos
  4. Vescom – Tapices
  5. Troldtek – Plafon
  6. Novidesa – Muros perimetrales

A showcase of promotion and innovation showing multiple possibilities of design. A space that promotes creativity through its use of spacious and flexible rooms that give the user the opportunity  to  interact  with  such  brands  and  products  associated  with  high-quality  architectural specification.

The project for this corporate space embraces architectural lines of industrial design, that are generally seen through the city, including train ship containers as a part of the building that converging with glass, steel and exposed beams. The interior beams visible from the outside of the building, which gives that industrial look to the design. Also, together with the interior, it maintains a connection with the context and the environment, being adjacent to the golf course at the back façade, inspired our team of interior designers that live within the workspace to use the resources of flooring solutions and play with a kind of extension of this green space.

Architectural lighting is one of the important attributes, besides its useful function, but to give personality to the building. Being a showcase to design, the use of special lightning fixtures that can be appreciated from the exterior are part of an interesting showcase that shines in the city.

The use of furniture systems that are flexible and multifunctional to the space complemented with vivid colors in which the design team and their clients feel comfortable in affable spaces.

COºRDENADA invites designers, constructors and clients to take advantage of a flexible, comfortable and innovative space that connects different kinds of design tendencies.

Strategically situated as a link between two countries, the bicultural Metropolis of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso encourages the promotion of a strong design culture at the border and looking to reinforce it trough social participation towards the respect for good quality design.

In COºRDENADA, designers, students and entrepreneurs come together to exchange ideas, create businesses, and acquire professional tutoring from the design council constituted by four Juarez companies focused on design and construction.

COºRDENADA design center hopes to implement certain adoption of good design and provoke a community into planning and architectural design, to focus in promoting a center with better practices of design, integrating in its core a fascinating enclosure where sustainable, energetic efficiency and innovation are to be its main goal. Coºrdenada offers training to new designers and businesses that are looking for new forms of innovation and high architectural specification.

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