2022 UDAD 馃弳 Awards


Mountain and Lake of Yunlong is an interior space with traditional Chinese style. Xuzhou, where the project is located, is the birthplace of the culture of Han Dynasty. It is also called “Athens of the East” because of its abundant cultural heritage, historical sites and profound historical ground. Considering local context, we hope to create a space with special tone, which occupants can drink, relax and social here, named after the famous local landscape – Mountain and Lake of Yunlong. There are many design elements in the Han Dynasty, such as SHIJI – the famous historical masterpiece, the invention of papermaking, the Taoist culture, the prosperity of traditional Chinese medicine and painting art, the rapid development of bracket set… How to absorb the design intention from the splendid culture of the Han Dynasty and integrate it into the spatial expression that will be used as a community center in the future has become the challenge of this design.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Public Building Interior Built



Design Team
Design Apartment , TCD虏

Xuzhou, China


漏TOPIA, Xiahou Quansheng

We firstly establish the main structural framework of the overall design from the framework style of the city gate in the Han Dynasty. Secondly, the designers employ symmetrical structural layout and take the grid or iron as the basic elements to generate various kinds of corresponding relationship in both scale and proportion. A vigorous and upward movement and passion is produced by the soaring ceiling, breaking through the horizontal presentation and creating a feeling of yearning to the sky. The designer transforms the palace construction, arrays and connects single elements to produce a sense of layering and rhythm. The painstaking details are depicted with traditional texture abstracting from the elements of the Han Dynasty, even the design of the VI system.

During the construction process, anther design challenge of all is to restore and reinterpret the decorative effect of the wall of the Han Dynasty. Creatively, we integrate bamboo weaving and cloth, and use colorful silk to wrap and decorate the wooden wall indoor, to a novel historical sense. We interpret the interior space through light, materials and details, and explore the lifestyle of modern residence in view of people-oriented thinking to return to actual need.

The elements of mountain and lake are taken as the medium to shape the spatial spirit at the entrance, and using special materials makes the meaning more accurate. Besides, the symmetrical pattern on both sides makes the entrance ceremonial, with the adjacency defined by the interpenetration of walls. In the sunken area, the boundary of the internal and external is blurred because of the height difference and the French glass. With the water outside the window as the new skyline, guests can feel the different changes of light and shadow, dreamy as if a dialogue despite time and space with scholars all over the world, which represents the fusion and interaction of culture meanwhile. As for materials, the textural decoration used is to simplify and refine the facing. The window highlights the enframed scenery of landscape outside, harmonizing the room with the context. Light is essential. Taking the earth tone as the keynote, the designers apply plain material, the metal decorations and the linear light to create a rich, profound layering visual effect.