2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | City Container• Lang Guan Inn Creative Community | Qicang Design

The design of the renovation project is an exploration of the reuse of urban factory architecture at low cost, which requires a new definition of functional relationship between buildings.

The old factory is located at the very bottom of an old housing estate, almost isolated from the busy downtown. The only entrance was in a blind corner, next to an eye-catching public toilet. The other three sides were surrounded by the walls of two housing estates and a service center of the street service center. By using the facade of the community as the front door of the project, the architect boldly proposed the concept of building a new creative community together with the project , which finally won the support of the community.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

City Container• Lang Guan Inn Creative Community
Cultural Architecture Built

Qicang Design

Yun Mao

Design Team
Yun Mao, Yating Hu, Bei Chen

Ningbo City


©Pu Yan

By teasing out the existing spatial context, and reorganizing the relationship between the building, street and community, the architect brings all the forgotten essence of the past to the modern people, leaving a memory for the rapid development of city while making the contemporary urban architecture thicker and continuous with time. And  by integrating history and reality, industry and art, it turns to be a “multi-dimensional creative art space”, changing it from a dilapidated old factory to be a “creative container”.

The completion of Lang Guan Inn Creative Park has brought lots of surprising for the old town, activating strong engagement of residents in the whole block, as well as evoking the vigor of the place and improving the integration of the community. It also has become a new destination for young people. That provides a very good model for urban renewal.