2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Ganglong•Ziyu Huating | EH DESIGN GROUP

This project is located in Huizhou, an important city in Lingnan (region south of Nanling Mountains). EH DESIGN GROUP adopted a neo-modernist style to create a poetic, artistic living space by building and disassembling solid geometric masses.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Ganglong•Ziyu Huating
Commercial & Retail Interior



Design Team
Hai Lin, Lei Zhou

Huizhou City, Guangdong Province


©Hui Sheng

The entrance hall of the sales office leverages a symmetrical design around central axis, which concisely outlines the geometric beauty of the space’s architecture. The metal door and windows feature a copper effect, and are inlaid in the warm-colored stone wall, while the slightly transparent glass curtain wall transitions to the sky and a small number of refined classic elements demonstrate a vivid modernity.

The LED screen in the sand table area shows the project’s advantages: The elegant pendant lights look as light as feathers, which allow customers, in a gentle and dreamy atmosphere, to imagine their own better future after settling down here.

The brand display area uses modern lamps to light up the silhouette of the buildings. The smooth and curved outlines guide customers to understand the brand layer by layer: from shallow to deep, bit by bit, so that the customers will gradually understand, fall in love, and believe in the power of Ganglong.

The cafe counter is the designer’s attempt to explore the diversity possible within an interior space. Here each individual mass is cut, inlaid, and overlapped, and different geometric languages add radiance and beauty to one another. The copper-like metal has a low-key yet comfortingly delicate style, and the warm white light makes the metal look more gentle and amiable.

The entire sales office is not only a sales space, but also a life experience hall. Coffee, handicrafts, and reading space are naturally presented as one here. It’s just as diverse as life itself.

To give beauty to the practical and to integrate art into daily life, EH DESIGN GROUP injects feelings and passion into design, touches people’s hearts with beauty, and lets the brand concept of “design, beauty and life” penetrate into every project. It meticulously creates living spaces that touch the soul for those who have a passion for life.

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