2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Guangzhou Zhonghai · Guanlan Mansion Tianjihui Club | Z ONE⁺

The hotel-style Tianjihui Club, which is used to showcase the project’s property, has been built as a complex space that differs from a traditional sales center. Considering the follow-up operation, it integrates multiple business forms such as the open-air private banquet, boundless swimming pool, and celebrity fitness in addition to pre-sale, reception and negotiation functions, thus creating a “hanging club” with great fun for visitors.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Guangzhou Zhonghai · Guanlan Mansion Tianjihui Club
Commercial Interior (Built)


Chengchao Wang

Design Team
Chengchao Wang

Project Location
Guangzhou, China


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With an eye to design beyond aesthetics, ZONE⁺ has expanded its soft decoration scenes from multiple aspects of lifestyle, cultural presentation, artistic aesthetics, and social contact needs, while expressing the humanity of the project with the urban riverside views.

Whether the delicate layout of pure wood and curved shapes, or the carpet of layered blue waves and winding bamboo installations, all exude a unique international urban style with a sense of luxury and ritual. The dining area by the window allows guests to enjoy delicacies with an extraordinary view within easy reach. People may feel at ease and comfortable when they are surrounded by a basic wooden tea table, a lamp that looks like the moon, and flowers.

In addition, the dressing room delivers a feeling of style and privacy. Turning into the corridor, the wooden compartment that connects to the ceiling is arranged as a wine storage rack, linking social contact and business.

Thanks to these efforts, for each and every visitor, it’s not only a social gathering place, but also a place where the spirit of humanity can be found, leading a new trend of urban elite culture.