2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | KWG · Plot 5 Office Building Interior Design, Tongzhou | Guangzhou Y&G Design Associates Ltd ; KWG Group Holdings Limited

The project is located inside a 5A landmark office building in the Grand Canal CBD, Beijing, developed by KWG Group, with a view to create a high-end and comfortable urban office environment. The joint efforts and mutual trust and support of both the client and the interior design team, coupled with the client’s constant pursuit, contribute to the success of the project.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

KWG · Plot 5 Office Building Interior Design, Tongzhou
Corporate Interior (Concept)

Guangzhou Y&G Design Associates Ltd ; KWG Group Holdings Limited

Guan Weizong

Design Team
Han Dandan, Yan Zhiliang, Chi Shaolin

Beijing, China


©Guangzhou Y&G Design Associates Ltd

Design concept and theme: high-end city

The striking architectural form provides inspiration for the interior design team, hence shaping an exquisite interior space. Bright and fresh tones create a charming interior ambience in the urban environment. Warm and mature hues and outdoor urban setting complement each other.

The design team and the client work together to customize the design scheme of lobby, main hall, retail area and standard floor of the 31-storey building, setting a new benchmark for public spatial design. Marbles with aesthetic grain are applied to the walls, adding a sense of magnificence to the lobby space and allowing people to experience the freedom, ethereal aesthetics and classy taste of the space.

The complex and folding design expressions on the facades of elevators and the lobby connect various materials in a unique manner. To make facades more slender and uniform visually, the design adopts an exquisite metal shell system, and endows brass-colored metal materials with different textures, which perfectly solves the visual weakness of structural connection. Slender design languages highlight the visual height, responding to the vision of brass-hued and high-quality curtain wall.

Through collaboration, the design team and the client create an integrated and quality experience space that reflects corporate vision and culture, and set a new standard for public spatial design.

While pursuing a simpler and international office space, the designers integrate the local characteristic cultural elements into the whole project, combine form, texture, material, light and shadow, and color together, and abandon unnecessary decoration and material. Based on the original building, they create a novel experience in a first-class international office space that integrates modernity and culture.

Based on the design concept of quality, eternal approach and experience, the design team is dedicated to creating an upscale space that goes beyond time and space inside a high-rise office building of urban jungle, where users’ inner experience and classy taste are linked together and people are given positive growth vitality and sustainability.