2023 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Seaward路Light Living Aesthetics | Yinuo Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Everyone has their own attitude towards life. Modern people’s lifestyle is diverse, and their internal needs for life can also be colorful. Most of the different life concepts can be reflected in the home environment. After meeting the needs of living and working in peace and contentment, people began to pursue a peaceful and poetic mood. This return of mind can best be reflected in the concept of home design.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Seaward路Light Living Aesthetics
Interior Built – Residential

Yinuo Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Luzhan Cai

Design Team
Jingfang Zhong, Siyan Wu, Qinnan Wu

Shantou, Guangdong Province, China


漏Shaoxiong Qiu

Luzhan Cai
Luzhan Cai

The design of this case states the mood of the demander with a clean and uncluttered concept, pursues innovation, simplifies and intelligentizes the lifestyle, and does not lack warmth.

The whole living space is connected with the porch and restaurant. It is presented with an integrated space concept. The seemingly simple style is actually more exquisite for the overall design. The overall atmosphere is expressed more purely, and the concept of space without distractions has reserved more imagination space, which is really thought-provoking.

The most beautiful thing in the world is all the senses given by nature, everything you are accustomed to in life, and everything you have never felt with your heart. The original intention of the design of this case is to meet the needs. At the same time, the designer hopes to introduce the exterior scenery into the interior, and make the natural scenery the core decoration of a home. A touch of warm sunshine emits the flavor of an exquisite and authentic home. A simple and exquisite living space, low-key and introverted. When quiet, a cup of fragrant kungfu tea and a deep thought are exactly the artistic conception of life pursued by more urban people.