2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Urban design of shipping, trade and finance integration innovation base of China(Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area | Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Based on the process of globalization and the trend of free trade, The base aims to achieve the efficient integration of international resources such as shipping, trade and finance with the highest level of openness.Guided by the creation of spatial value, we have deeply integrated the three major systems of production, life and ecology to construct a future park space model driven by “talent demand” and “technological innovation” forming a future-oriented dynamic innovation cluster.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Urban design of shipping, trade and finance integration innovation base of China(Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area
Urban Design (Under Construction)

Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Wu Zhiqiang

Design Team
Ma Chunqing, Du Qingxue, Yuan Xiaoqiu, Zhai Xiaofei, Zou Tao, Sun Lu, Wang Guotao, Fang Shuai, Song Gusheng, Yang Zifu, Wang Beibei, Cheng Helin, Zhou Jun, Yu Hao, Song Binlei, Yan Jingzan



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We create innovative spatial spaces based on six aspects:

  1. Establishing linkage with three core functions of intelligent innovation services to foster positive interaction with surrounding industrial plots and jointly build an axis for industrial innovation development.
  2. Create a three-dimensional open space and multi-dimensional communication.We also establish a diversified selection of architectural spaces to meet the needs of full life cycle enterprises and talent development.
  3. Guided by the primary and secondary green cores, we facilitate finger-like radiative penetration towards outer clusters through linear corridors such as road corridors, landscape corridors, and ecological corridors to jointly build a green vitality space.
  4. Strengthen the external connection of the area and improve the internal transportation conditions to build an efficient and convenient road network system. We control neighborhood size, enhance density in road networks, thereby defining new urban vitality neighborhoods. Focusing on the three core functional Spaces, the roof platform and the air corridor are connected to build a slow traffic network with varying levels, to achieve the mutual connection and linkage between above ground , surface and underground, and jointly build a convenient external contact and a varied slow traffic network.
  5. Focus on shaping highly iconic urban space, forming five landmark buildings, shaping urban contours with different personalities along the interface of the city’s main roads and rivers, presenting different interface image perception.

Guided by the three major goals of functional image, vitality sharing, and green ecology, we have subdivided various characteristic control elements to establish mandatory and guiding contents through a combination of power delegation and tightened oversight. This approach has resulted in the formulation of element control guidelines that create a new model for urban design guidance and implementation.

During the design process, we established the working mechanism of multi-party cooperation. This design is carried out synchronously with related planning, such as control detailed planning, related special planning, architectural scheme design, etc. Additionally, the innovative ideas of the chief planner are fully connected and implemented, to lay a solid foundation for efficient implementation of subsequent work phases.  Currently, the division group is progressing in an orderly manner.

The design results have been released and displayed to the outside many times at the promotion meeting, and received recognition and praise from all walks of life, providing a Qingdao model for the practice of Pilot Free Trade Zone 4.0 model, and successfully helping the investment attraction and development of the area.