2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Xi’an Poly · Palace of Light Phase II | DEAN DESIGN

In an effort to create a kid-friendly and all-age harmonious community, the designers conducted a detailed analysis of the neighborhood’s activity status, finding that the elderly and children are the groups who stay the longest and use public areas the most frequently. Thus, sectors for kids’ play and seniors’ leisure have become the top priority of design.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Xi’an Poly · Palace of Light Phase II
Recreation (Built)


Siyuan Tao

Design Team
Zuting Yuan, Yu Xu

Project Location
Xi’an, China


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For children ages 0 to 3, the designers care about their sensory development; for those ages 3-6, they foster children’s curiosity and discovery; and for those ages 6 to 12, they inspire youngsters to make courageous breakthroughs. Under this circumstance, the designers brought star trails, the Milky Way, planets, and space stations to life with the idea of “interstellar travel and dream-seeking” based on the site’s current state.

Here, sail from the time tunnel bridge, jump on the trampoline to explore the distance to the sky, whisper to the wind on the megaphone, swing under the gallery, climb on the weaving net, play on the cloud rocking chair and star seesaw, run freely and hide-and-seek cleverly. Children’s joyful journeys are captured, while meeting the physical and growth demands of children of all ages. Besides, under the shade, parents and seniors can also relax themselves while keeping an eye and ear on their children in close proximity.

In addition to the childlike design, the rational and flexible functional layout is also a key priority. During the daytime, it is a heaven for leisure and dreaming, full of laughter; when night falls and the warm lights turn on, the park becomes part of the community, a good area for daily strolls and summer cooling.

Thanks to these efforts, the futuristic playground has already become an integral part of people’s daily lives a few months after the project’s completion, giving them a high-quality lifestyle and adding surprise and warmth to every moment.