2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Xi’an Zhongtian·Future Life | Bluemoon Design

The project is located in Qinhan New Town, Xi’an, China, with the Weihe River to the south and the Jinhe River to the north. Benefiting from 75.53% of the region’s cultural and ecological protection, it strives to create an ecologically improved residence.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Xi’an Zhongtian·Future Life
Residential Interior (Built)

Bluemoon Design

Kelly Lin

Design Team
Kelly Lin, Liangwei Tian, Zeyan Chen

Project Location
Xi’an, China


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Inspired by Master Issey Miyake’s philosophy of A Piece of Cloth and Pleats Please, the designers liken the daily living space to the “second layer of clothing” of human body.

The fusion of stone and wood, the overlay of steel and marble, and the patchwork of stone and wood soften the sharp edges of furniture and bring out the urban texture. The uneven folds, the delicate curves, the pure white and the artistic reliefs exude oriental allure.

Small objects like cups, lamps, bottles, and vases convey simplicity and poetry. The artistic lighting and the marble circular table depict the warmth of daily life.

In the master bedroom, the light tone of white porcelain is blended with fabric, with wood and paper art exuding an oriental classic. Besides, irregular mirrors, paper lanterns, mushroom ornaments and polka-dotted bottles in the kids room give the space unrestrained romance. By doing so, residents can enjoy their homes both physically and mentally.