APR Commercial Interior

Second Award – Ibis New Concept by FGMF Architects

Global Future Design Awards 2019
Second Award
Category: Commercial Interior
Firm: FGMF Architects
Architect: Lourenço Urbano Gimenes
Team: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz, Daniel Paranhos, Felipe Fernandes, Fernanda Moura, Lívia Veroni, Mariana Leme, Priscylla Hayashi, Thiago Brito, Aryane Diaz, Ciro Dias, Giulia Lorenzi, Letícia Gonzalez, Maxswender Duarte, Pedro Ocanhas, Otávio Araújo Costa
Country: Brazil
Website: www.fgmf.com.br

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The variety of layouts is a trending agenda in this new philosophy, instigating the guest curiosity and contributing to new a level of hospitality.  Rooms presents a with an industrial and contemporary style using a multipurpose shelf as a key element. Its simple construction and flexible usability are essential qualities that allows the furniture to be adaptable to requirements in different room typologies that integrated to the room space. Another essential element in the room is out of bathroom counter. It has a washbasin in one side and in the other a generous space which could be used as a workspace if is convenient.

The city life goes inside with new pedestrian passage:  the hotel offers a portion of its territory to the city, creating a vivid gallery full of local atmosphere. The glass facade in all areas allows the optimal visual permeability and allows drawing the attention of who is passing by. Daylight floods the lobby, breakfast/restaurant and Coffice areas. At night, the directional spots create a contemporary mood complemented by neon lights. Bar and sitting area located both inside and outside lobby, creating an inviting possibility to delight coffees, drinks and appetizers. Interior design presents its core related to the Multipurpose shelfs, the Linear Sofa, the Suspend Ceiling frames and the double level sitting stand designed especially for Ibis Plaza.

The dining area designed according to the concept of all areas in the lobby, bringing a new experience with visual permeability and unique furnishing. The Grab’n go offers the necessary flexibility to a contemporary every-day life.The Ibis restaurant has always been a reference to guests as a place where you can find good food and a delicious breakfast. We believe it can be more as a local food reference with local fresh ingredients. Thus, encouraging not guests, neighbors and city resident fell welcome visiting the Ibis Restaurant.