2021 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Second Award | SAC Dowell Center路Tree House | Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design

SAC Dowell Center dubbed as the city public lobby will be shaped as a comfortable communication place and will adopt natural elements as much as possible to create a sharing space based on the concept of tree house. The commercial project is located in a place with complicated traffic and large stream of people in Shanghai. The flow of metro, road and resident is extremely complex. Therefore, the project will be built for creating a tranquil space to console people who have no place to put their souls nearby. Following the rhythm of the city and facing the quick overpass traffic, a simple and modern urban landmark will be formed. In addition, with exquisite construction approach, a high-end boutique commercial office will be created.

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馃弳 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

SAC Dowell Center路Tree House
Commercial Architecture Concept

Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design

Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design

Design Team
Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design



漏Dowell Group, Jiang & Associates Creative Design

The square at the main entrance is attractive to people with the beautiful water feature and transparent building. Weaken the influence of the overpass with a soft interface, and strive to create a positive, interactive and dynamic commercial plaza, so that passers-by will be glad to join in it. The square is embellished with green belts and fountains, so that natural sounds can alleviate the noisy traffic. Besides, it has a pocket garden where children can play day and night, and the greenway for people nearby to go for a walk.

Due to the limited space of this site, the project is going to develop vertically. It is a multi-functional and multi-dimensional comprehensive space, including shopping, learning and communication, office and leisure and so forth. The effective utilization rate of the space will be improved this way. The irregular interior design of SAC Dowell Center breaks the aesthetic fatigue caused by the dull and regular design, which makes people begin to think differently. The green plants on the stair handrail climb up along the whole space, which makes the whole building alive like a tree! Many tree houses will be built at the cantilever platform among the stairs, their function is flexible and adaptable. Surrounded by green plants, you feel nature when in the tree house. Every small tree house represents a special natural world. 鈥Even smallness brings miracle. Look, the world is full of flowers.鈥

Dowell center contains a large amount of sharing spaces, such as public learning places, air theater, party areas, and co-working spaces, which bring great benefits and convenience to people. It is not only conducive to promoting people’s communication, but also maximizing the resource utilization. Between the two buildings, the air corridor is built as a sharing platform and functional tie to inject vitality into the project and form a visual focus. Moreover, the corridor makes full use of high-altitude space without wasting land resources. On the one hand, it disperses the flow of people on the ground, on the other hand, it is in line with the linear environment beside it, perfectly echoing with the whole context. Standing on the corridor, you can enjoy the flickering light and watch the world go by, you know the city truly then.

SAC Dowell Center advocates the concept of “Happy office Happy life”, trying to create a pleasant office ecosystem. It provides warm-hearted services from three sections: space, service and community. “SAC” concept:




SAC is not merely a building or a mall, it represents the spirit of keeping going and growing energy. The Center is committed to create more sharing spaces by adhering to the responsibility and value of Dowell company, which is going to carry out in-depth community operation all around.

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