2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Silver Winner – The Designer’s Home:Escape from the world, Slow down life by Jiaxing Thenorth Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

A warm naturalism, clean lines, basic forms, I tried to create balanced spaces bathed in natural light. The essence of design is dialogue, a dialogue with space, and a dialogue with the environment. The overall color scheme of the earth tones, the rustic natural wood, the rough slate with a sense of cement, and the artistic paint with a sense of texture, create a more contemplative, tranquil and calm atmosphere.

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Silver 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

The Designer’s Home: Escape from the world, Slow down life
Private Residential Interior Built

Jiaxing Thenorth Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Xuan Zhang

Design Team
Xinxi Lai

Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China



This is a house surrounded by layers of greenery. There are very beautiful wetland woods outside the house, something that nature brings to this house. Therefore, the design fully considers lighting, retains large areas of glass windows as much as possible, and uses the method of “borrowing scenery” to let the interior have a series of subtle atmosphere changes.

Does a home need a sense of art? Art is not an abstract existence that can only be seen from a distance. Art comes from life. In a sense, art is beauty, and beauty creates joy in life. Here, the essence of deconstruction is to deconstruct life and serve life itself. The beauty of space and form is not the main purpose, what is important is people in it. In fact, furniture and accessories are also considered from the perspective of comprehensive design. These objects are not like the furnishings in the prototype rooms, they are the externalization of emotions and the extension of the atmosphere.

In this house, space serves life, and life is a pattern projected in space. Many times you can ignore the “boundary” because it is shared, but you will also be aware of its existence from time to time. It is important to leave space for objects around us. Open space helps calm your restless mind. Our lives are very hectic and we live in a world dominated by technology, it is important to slow down the process.