2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Country Garden ·Hujing Jiayuan | Jumu Landscape Design

This project sets the ” Planet 10 Exploration Program” as the background .

There are nine planets in the vast solar system. But recently, scientists have discovered that there is a mysterious planet besides the nine planets. Human beings named it planet 10. Brave people set up a planet exploration team. They set out from the earth and started the exploration project of planet 10. After a long flight, the human expedition finally landed on the mysterious planet 10. Astronauts began to explore the land…

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Country Garden ·Hujing Jiayuan
Landscape Architecture Built

Jumu Landscape Design

Lou Guanyu

Design Team
Lou Guanyu, Wu Zhongfu, Wan Zhaochou, Min Wenxue, Jiang Deng, Chen Zhuojie, Hu Tao, Guo Xingfa, Yu Renjie

Jinhua, Zhejiang


©Jumu Landscape Design

The project is located in the multi-lake plate. The zigzag oxbow lake bears the left earth memory. The transformation of the project from a natural landscape to an urban landscape has been passed down through generations and is still deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The conceptual planning and urban design of the core area of the multi-lake central business district starts from Swallowtail Island Park, and the core area is formed along Wuyi River, Yiwu River and Liyu Road, which will create a functional mixed business district with “one heart, two wings, two belts and three centers”.

According to the field investigation, we found that the more interactive landscape is more conducive to increase the attraction of the project and avoid the same function and style. In terms of function, we also hope to combine the characteristics of the site and the city to explore its features, increase the interactivity of the project, and create a high-end experiential landscape.

The theme of the project is planet Park 10. For different age groups of children to explore the planet, we create a variety of landscape areas. We make a combination of function and form, to create an experiential landscape display area.

The site is interconnected by planetary runways that link the various landscape nodes together to form a circular and closed touring line. Corresponding to different background stories, it stimulates people’s imagination and improves the sense of participation while teaching and enjoying.

The different areas correspond to different story lines, namely: landing on the planet, exploring the base, discovering aliens, crossing the lawn theater, and the cosmic living room. In the spatial part, we studied the different children activity characteristics from different ages and divided them into four functions: base Headquarters, Jumping Area, Baby Program, Energy Crystal Mine. Inspired by the spaceship, the mobile device at “Base Headquarters” has a strong sense of science and technology; The “Jumping Area” is designed with a circular trampoline to match the orange Infinity Bridge; The “Baby Project” area is equipped with play equipment for young children to ensure fun and safety. The “Energy Crystal Mine” area features a sandpit that allows children to use their imagination and climb to create a mine playground.

The overall design is thematically strong, and the various attractions form a Möbius-like tour. We have taken into account the “dynamic” needs of children and the “static” needs of adults .

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