APR Residential (Concept)

Winner – Foshan Super High-Rise Apartment by GOA

Global Future Design Awards 2019
First Award
Firm: GOA
Architect: Jian Ling
Category: Residential (Concept)
Country: China
Location: Foshan, Guangdong, China
Design/Completion: 2017-
GFA:120,000 m2
Website: www.goa.com.cn

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Foshan Super High-Rise Apartment is located in the core position of Chencun Town, Foshan City, with a good urban park landscape. Its design strives to create a unique residential benchmark in Chencun Town through the landmark city image, vibrant super-high-rise apartment building.

The concept of “urban landscape, vertical settlement” is adopted in the design. The tower of 200m high is set on the north side of the plot and the tower of 150m high on the south side. The relation between the two towers is formed by the structure division and stacking, highlighting the contact and dialogue between the two towers to create the overall city image. At the same time, the problems of ventilation, daylighting and shading are solved in a green and energy-saving way. The public space is set up on the refuge floor of the super-high-rise building to form a social center and landscape park in the vertical community. It integrates the natural landscape of the city with the landscape design of the building, respects the natural ecological environment, and pursues the artistic conception of being surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Considering the way of “Xia’s sun-shading” in the early modern architectures in Lingnan Area, the elevation design uses abundant transverse aluminum alloy overhanging plates on the exterior elevation and adopts different overhanging dimensions according to different building orientations, so as to ensure good sun-shading, heat insulation and ventilation effects of the building. The sunshades are cut locally at the turning points of the building structure to form a secondary structure effect with diamond cutting, which enhances the building’s overall sculpture sense.