2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Greenland Wuhan • Harper Riverside by Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is one of Top Harper Series developed by Greenland Group. The project stands at the core area of Wuhan’s Yangtze River main axis region, belonging to Wuchang Bin Jiang Business District. The district has a total land area of about 134 hectares and is planned to construct more than 30 super high-rise buildings with the height of over 150 m along the river. Besides, the district also has public supporting facilities, including park, art museum, school, office building and featured businesses, etc.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Shanghai PTArchitects
Architect/Designer | Shanghai PTArchitects
Category | Residential Concept
Team | Wang Jungang, Lu Bin, Fan Kaijia, Dong Xiaojing, Yue Dandan, Shi Enhui, Shu Yaowu, Luan Guobin, Yan Jun, Sun Sihui, Mai Jingru, Chen Yazhou, Han Yeding, Wang Yincheng, Zhao Zhe, Jin Xiaoting, Zhuo Fu, Li Dengzhou, She Yining
Country |China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Shanghai PTArchitects

©Shanghai PTArchitects

Meanwhile, after its completion, a continuous riverside belt between Wuhan Yangtze Great Bridge and the Second Yangtze River Bridge stretches as long as 5.5 km, forming 6 vertical landscaped corridors. At that time, the green area would total 20 hectares. The project enjoys the best resources of the riverfront of inner ring and high-end supporting facilities. In other words, residents can access to living facilities within “5” minutes. Sited at the riverfront scenery belt, it joins hands with super high-rise Wuhan Greenland Center to form a super high-rise building cluster. And it adopts the facade style of public building. The facade is composed of metal aluminum plates and exterior covering materials with quality texture, as well as glass curtain walls, further making the city look more beautiful and appealing. The design adheres to the principle of “mutual permeation of architecture and landscape” and increases the interaction between architecture and site environment through the facade that features “more glass area and less stone area”.

Since lands within the inner ring are valuable, upscale luxurious buildings along the river are rare to see. As the project enjoys the best position of viewing the Yangtze River, the architects intended to make every household enjoy the full-view of the river and the skyline from the best angle. The project consists of 4 super high-rise residential buildings, two of which have the height of 150 m and the other two 180 m. Such height results in large public building area of the project. Therefore, in order to maximize the intensive use, the architects selected the frame-core tubes to put all structural columns outside. Without shear walls, the interior space realizes free and flexible structures, available for different types of residents to experience diversified living patterns.

As one product of the upscale series, Harper Riverside introduces an advanced mode of multi house types and the concept of healthy residence, so as to offer a better and sustainable residence for the public.