2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

2nd Award: Deck House by Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

Deck House is set within a gated community minutes from Mexico City, Bosque Real, a Golf and Residential Club.

Composed of two volumes that look as if they float above a central body of water that leads from the main access towards the terrace until it connects visually with pool. The volumes are connected by glass hallways and bridges that pass above the water mirror. Within an elegant interior design, fine finishing and a mix of materials that mimic the natural surroundings, and fuse with the water, trees and organic garden that serve as company to the serene scene of relaxation.

2nd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
Architect/Designer | Luciano Gerbilsky
Category | Housing Single Family
Team | Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

©Luciano Gerbilsky Arquitectos

The top floor bedrooms four private bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, closet and balcony, and a home office, with a patio that wraps around the open view.  The ground floor, with high ceilings, contains the social and service areas. The dining room beside the exterior living and dining areas and the living room all have access to the interior garden that allows for outdoor synchronicity. The pool and jacuzzi make a transition on to the exterior landscape. The family gym is located below ground level.

Motorcycles have a designated area at the front of the house, next to a garage that has direct access to the service area. The façade is covered in a uniquely designed marble dust that wraps around the social area that, when open, integrates the exterior with the interior in a very interesting way.

The interior flooring is made from reengineered oak while the exterior floor is San Gabriel natural black granite stone. As in all our projects, the design of each bathroom and kitchen is created specifically for each family’s needs and likes.


This home is a construction of 900 square meters. Deck House has four bedrooms, 4 full baths and two half bathrooms.

The service area within the main construction contains one bedroom and bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. The house has a solar system for heating water and central heating, and a photovoltaic system for the generation of electric energy. Water for the hydronic system, bathrooms, pool and jacuzzi is heated by solar panels located on the roof. Rain water is recuperated through natural ponds. Water from the bathrooms and service areas are treated with an USBF

(Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration) with capacity of 1.2 m3/per day, which allows the water to be recycled and used for watering the garden, reducing water consumption up to 40%.  In order to reduce the carbon print, all materials selected are found in the surrounding area, taking advantage of the wide variety and quality of local producers and artisans.
Lighting uses LED technology