2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

2nd Award: Multi Golf Complex – RLL by Pizá Golf

Wellness Golf concept creates a unique space where the guests connect with natural elements whilst they enjoy a boutique golf atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to play barefoot and connect with nature.

2nd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Pizá Golf
Architect/Designer | Agustín Pizá
Category | Landscape Design Concept
Team | Pizá Golf Studio
Country | Mexico
Photographer/Copyright | ©Harris Kalinka

©Harris Kalinka

RLL is a Wellness Golf concept on a larger scale that mixes 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 holes in an area of 8 hectares. Same great golf experience in 1/6 of the space required. The Wellness Golf concept at RLL was developed with the intention of creating inclusive and multi-use spaces that promote health, happiness, well-being, and delight for the visitor.

During the creative and technical process, we reached to the conclusion that the concept of the golf course must be natural: “as if it had always existed on the site”; Therefore, a space is created that encourages players to expand beyond the mental and physical aspects of the game and connect on a spiritual, emotional and environmental level. A unique course that encourages a relaxed “game of life” approach and welcomes golf enthusiasts and non-golfers alike. The course must be an oasis for flora and fauna, invites for coexistence of family and friends and, unlike other golf facilities, presents great challenges without intimidation. A space to walk and enjoy the 360 degrees that a natural golf course offers.

This concept allows us to enjoy golf in a smaller footprint, making it economically and ecologically sustainable. Less area to maintain and water with same satisfaction.

The golf course at RLL is played in a multi-functional way, depending on the environment you want to generate and the mood of each player. It is designed to play in any format you choose. The way in which this project will be played will be in multiples of three until reaching 18 HOLES in two groups of Five.

Our job was to find the best and most original design for the assigned space, executing with the quality, aesthetics, strategy and sustainability that distinguishes Pizá Golf. The concept is a multimodal design also inspired by the board games designs we grew up with. Those in which you can play several games like checkers and chess on the same board; the player can find and discover various alternatives to play.

Technical Description
The course consists of an 18-hole circuit on four greens 6,594-yard Par 72.
The greens are defined as: Green North, Green South, Green Peninsula and Green Escondido, with an area average of 662 m2. The largest being the Green Peninsula with 756 m2, while the smallest is Green Escondido with 544 m2.

These greens have a greater area than the average green because each green will have at least three different flags to play multiple level.
To create different challenges and approach angles, each green is located at a different height above sea level: (MAMSL).