2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

3rd Award: Chasse Building Team by ALINE Architecture Concepts

A new sustainable headquarters for a general contractor, we were asked to help develop a plan for their growing team and have it be a project that highlights and supports their craftmanship for construction. The project was an adaptive reuse of an industrial warehouse and designed to have a net zero rating. The existing building had very few windows or connections to the exterior, and character of the construction materials had been covered or painted. We created exterior operable openings for fresh air, connections to new exterior patios and landscaping, over 20 solar tubes for ample natural light throughout the space, LED lighting, glass solar panel parking cover, high efficiency mechanical system, low flow plumbing fixtures, large fans, acoustical ceiling treatment, sand blasted the exterior block, exposed and celebrated the connections, materials and details that define the construction of the space. We balanced the space by using clean modern finishes, while telling a story about construction.

3rd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | ALINE Architecture Concepts
Architect/Designer | Brian Laubenthal
Category | Office Building Built
Team | Brian Laubenthal, Brian Krob, Jeff Graham, Heidi Grimwood, Dorota Grodzinska
Country | United States
Photographer/Copyright | ©Roehner Ryan Photography

©Roehner Ryan Photography