2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

3rd Award: Dias House by FGMF Architects

A complex and interesting terrain that has a view on a certain stretch, an open gras¬sy area and a strong unevenness for an extremely wooded stretch was the guiding thread of the proposal for this residence. The main body is organized at the limit between the wooded area and the flat grassy area, while the tip of this volume guarantees access to the beautiful external view of the valley.

3rd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | FGMF Architects
Architect/Designer | Fernando Forte
Category | Housing Concept
Team | Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes, Ciro Dias, Bruno Suman, Desyree Niedo, Gabriel Mota, Gustavo Hohmann, Henrique Dias, Iacy Gottschalk, José Carlos Navarro, Juliana Cadó, Rafael Mourão
Country | Brazil
Photographer/Copyright | ©Estúdio Módulo

©Estúdio Módulo

Large slabs of different designs on three levels create a garage and social access with inverted double height on the ground floor, and on the other side of the lot an extensive leisure area. On the Lower floor overlooking the forest is the social area and office from which walkways run around the trees in a kind of elevated circuit between the forest, which also has a gym and games room.

In the center of the space on the ground floor and lower floor there is a large open space, organized in small stone retainers through which the different landscape spa¬ces are visually connected, the pool leans over and only pedestrian walkways closed with glass cross it in a suspended manner.

On the upper floor, several rooms are also organized with the central walkway, all overlooking the lush lower vegetation or the distant view. The project was born and was organized on account of the land, guaranteeing re¬sidents a continuous and intense experience of relationships with the topography, forest and distant views, seeking to make the most of the peculiar situation where it is.