WADA 2019 Landscape Design (U.C.)

Amusement and Cultural Complex by Asoo Company

Cultural,commercial,amusement complex of mahshahr port: This project (an area of 20 hectares)is located in the southwest of Iran and in a city with very high oil and economic resources. Mahshahr city as an old city with 3000 years of history unfortunately has lost its historical works for unknown reasons.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
First Award | Category: Landscape Design (Under Construction)
Architects: Mohammad Amini
Studio: Asoo Company
Country: Iran

The wars in this region of Iran has caused that the city is turned into an immigrant taking city from surrounding war zones as well as an area for attracting human resources in special economic zones and large petrochemicals. It has a warm and humid climate, and due to poor vegetation, which has been damaged especially in recent decades, the living and social interactions of the people in the city is problematic most of the time of the year. Despite the industrial advancement and the excellent position of Mahshahr in terms of financial resources and regional income, unfortunately, the lifestyle of people has not been consistent with this progress, as if the identity of the past has been lost.

Abundant palm groves and fishing are among the income sources for the local people in this city. However, the educated young people and rich families immigrate to the larger cities or Tehran, capital of Iran. Lack of standard facilities matched to the community advancement exacerbates the situation. The Mahshahr Cultural, Business and Recreational Complex project, being implemented by the municipality as the employer, is designed to bring them back part of the culture and identity of the people.

Perhaps there are some elements beside the people; those would be represented in a different way and in a new form for the today and tomorrow generations. The Anthropology Museum, as the first museum of Mahshahr, is located in this complex. It is a great event for familiarization of the people with their lost identity in the history. It is recognition of the potentials and even the industrial capacities in their neighbourhood and perhaps the citizens are not completely aware of their functioning.

Children and young people should see their studies and history in their own language with the modern approaches so that they can understand their city. The structure of this collection is based on cultural interactions and social relationships at micro and macro levels. The existence of a playground is for nightlife and family and friends visits and it is a place for fun and artistic activities, along with service spaces to serve the users. The palm tree is used as a symbol of a useful element, which can be used from the fruit to the root. It can be used in a variety of applications ranging from food to handmade artistic works.

The vegetation of this complex is composed of more than 60 different species of plants that are in line with the climatic structure of the region. Factors such as soil erosion, lack of irrigation water and extreme heat. This project is a life-long architecture, a life that belongs to people and it is an intermediary architecture, to return it to its owners.

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