WADA 2019 House Design

BIODOMEK – a natural modular portable house to develop by eKodama Architektura

A NEW MODEL OF DWELLING – MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY, MODULARITY: BioHome – is a healthy, MODULAR house, adapted to be transported by standard lorry. BioHome grows with the needs of users, without taking loans for 30 years. Also, if our needs decrease, the whole house may be reduced by disconnecting modules and giving them eg to children, creating BioDomek in a new place. This corresponds to the need for flexible living and not freezing natural resources in deserted buildings. BioDomek – flexible house.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Second Award Award | Category: House Design
Architects: Magdalena Górska
Studio: eKodama Architektura
Country: Poland
Website: www.ekodama.pl

NATURAL MATERIALS AND TAKING CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT: The modules are made of NATURAL, ecological materials that are healthy for users and the environment. The structure is KVH wooden frame, filled inside with an ecological insulation material – CELLULOSE FIBER. The modules are  finished with natural larch board from the outside, underneath is air-open DWD wooden boards. The interior and façade are finished with natural clay and limestone paints, natural oils (which protect the wood), seals made of natural wool.

DO NOT HARM, DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRACES, DO NOT POISON THE SOIL: THE FOUNDATION that we use in our system is the steel spot footing. This has several advantages when compared to other types of foundation – it is less time consuming and has a smaller environmental footprint  because of very small integration in to the soil. It is also easier to dismount such foundation and move it to another place. After some time there will be no trace of it in the original place and the ground will be beautifully overgrown with grass. Meanwhile, BioDomek will grow somewhere else.

At the turn of 2016/2018 eKodama with a group of contractors from the natural construction industry, built PROTOTYP by themselves, checking all designed solutions and details. We also organized a picnic opening the first BioDomek, with workshops and demonstrations promoting natural building and sustainable design.

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Global Future Design Awards 2019 is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, its a huge platform for architects.