2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner | Private residence ‘s Dr.Pradit Miss Watoo | K.R.Decorate.co;ltd

   This residential house, the area that the company is responsible for decorating is equal to 175 sqm. The owner of the house is a dentist. Open the clinic as a family business. In this family, there is a congenital disease, which is allergic to dust, the whole family. The design problem is to be simple but with details, like indirect light, but must not collect dust, easy to clean. The color scheme likes pink, contrasting with white artificial marble.

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Bronze Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Private residence ‘s Dr.Pradit Miss Watoo
Residential Interior Built


Korarit Wangstritrai

Design Team
K.R.Decorate Co,. Ltd.



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From the design as well as the details of the usability of the area, there are some adjustments when the construction is completed. Doctor and very satisfied The main material used for the structure is old wood and water-based paint. including synthetic stones which is friendly to the environment

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