2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Bronze Winner – Wanda “Night Neijiang” C-03 courtyard model room | PINCHEN DESIGN

How to build your cultural confidence? How can modernity make tradition grow with more vitality?

From “teacher” to “home”, then talk about Song’s Fengya Song, reconstruct the ideal of home. Use modern design language to express the story of home.

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Bronze 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Wanda “Night Neijiang” C-03 courtyard model room
Interior Design (Built)


yifei pang

Design Team
Pang Yifei, Yang Wanyu, Tong Xiaochun

Project Location
Neijiang, Sichuan Province



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In this piece of Neijiang soil containing thousands of years of Song and Shu cultural heritage, there will be culture, precipitation, and vitality of life style injected. The building stands along the lakeside, its light and elegant, transparent and simple modern design, hiding the hermit feelings of literati, the ideal life of mountains and rivers.

Ancient rhyme and modern meaning · simple and elegant nature

This project is located in Neijiang Han ‘an Avenue, and the architectural landscape atmosphere integrates the life function with the aesthetic culture of Song and Shu, which echoes the relaxed look, comfortable touch and immersive experience in the space. In this space, the East, accumulated in it, has reached its perfection, and retains more touching feelings and humanistic temperature.

The East, is a kind of spirit, inherited in time more innovative: calm, humble, strength, confidence, the future……. Design, is the practice of imagination, is a methodology of how to make life into the most beautiful, and this methodology needs a way to carry, culture, art and everything in the space……

Entering the living room for the first time, its quaint and simple design, the shape of the sloping roof, the elegance of the wood veneer, the solitary beauty of the floral art, the simplicity of the furnishings, in the flow of natural light and shadow, the light at night is soft and slow…… In this corner of heaven and earth, Wenshi’s aesthetic spirit of simplicity is presented to the extreme.

The simple and elegant study space will pursue the distant ancient rhyme and explore the new expression of Song culture in the current era. The outline and rotation of the lines depict a poetic landscape painting. The texture of ink, the field of light and shadow, and the five senses create the environment. The seemingly mild and modest main tone matches the outdoor landscape temperament……

Pure life · Pure and elegant

Culture is what this land gives you, and your way of life melts here. Space nourishes the soul and releases its influence on you. Negative first floor meeting room, do not have a kind of misty qian ya artistic conception. The design continues the drip of the Song Dynasty context, will be rooted in the inner rhyme, and modern minimalist art and integration. Quiet and comfortable color matching, simple and natural wood and cotton, with the simple and quaint pieces, in the space to describe the sparse and simple, great beauty silent Oriental temperament.

Through the “four arts” of Song Dynasty life: tea | incense | flower arrangement | hanging pictures, four elegant things to design the back walking line of the first floor, the space design points, lines and planes, volume division with smell, taste, touch and vision to elevate daily life to the realm of art.

Integrate everything into the heart, and return complex to simple, so the simple elegant warm color as the main color of the case, with stone blue, stone green, yellow brown for local soft color matching light embellishment, to create a light and elegant space atmosphere.

The elder room continues the overall elegant style, and the background wall is inspired by Song porcelain, which is taken from Gao Lian’s Yan Xian Qing Appreciation Paper. The (official porcelain) grain takes ice crack and eel blood as the top, followed by plum blossom slices and ink grain, and the fine grain is also under the grain.” Then the unbounded influx of natural light and the ink tulle curtain render poetic silhouettes.

The master bedroom enters the artistic conception of “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains”, maximizes the lighting, and weakens the external forms such as color, material and shape, so that the visual effect of the minimalist space is gradually improved, and the characteristics are elegant. Especially at night, with the blessing of the lighting effect, it is like being in a painting.

The bedroom is the home field of the home life, linking the past time, the present memory and the future imagination, emotion and temperature are the eternal theme.

The daughter’s room continues the plain white canvas, integrates the soft rose pink, touches the lively lighting, the natural wind, the soft space, brings into life……

The material materials applicable to each residence and each space are different, and our task is to match them to the positioning “into the boys’ room, from the color, shape, model, reduce the complicated minimalist design and boy’s interests and hobbies combined, fully realize the freedom of interaction scene.

Continuity and inheritance are not the same as copying and reproducing tradition. Design in the region, nature, culture, material, feel, transform, reflect the elegance of culture, with a unique visual language and the innovative form of contemporary art integration and reconstruction, return to the east, trace Song and Shu, create a spiritual home.