MSADA 2018 Landscape Design

Circular Dongshi by SHIN-YU LIN

Media Student Architecture & Design Award 2018
Third Award | Category:
Landscape Design
Architect: SHIN-YU LIN
Country: Taiwan

Dongshi Fishing Port is located in Dongshi Township.It was built in 1986. It was a good leisure park for family to spend their weekend time on taking rest in this area. But, it is facing a hard time, transforming the situation from past into new vision.

However, this area had its own advantage. The rich nutrition of mangrove was brought by Be-gong river, which came from north and Po-zi river, which came from south. On one hand, all resource gather at Dongshi Township including seawater resource, wind, wetland, and wildlife, on the other hand, those resources were getting worse because of environmental change. It seemed that we had a chance to preserve environment of Dongshi.

First of all, we set four core value called” renewable energy, water source, wildlife and leisure” which also the most important issue in contemporary era. Secondly, we made those value more details. It would be the following programs:

  1. Renewable energy: seawater greenhouse
  2. Water source: wetland preservation
  3. Wildlife: habitat preservation
  4. Leisure: park, stores

Last but not least, we established spaces by following those program ideas. 

We solved old problems by using new technologies. Meanwhile, seawater greenhouse is a good way for those people who live in barren such as desert or seaside, and Dongshi do meet the criteria.