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EGYPT’S 1st SKYSCRAPERS & High Rise Buildings Conference

Will be held from 19 to 20 June 2019 at Al Manara International Conference Center, Cairo, Egypt

ESC 2019 , the first conference in Africa on skyscrapers, under the title “Egypt enters the era of skyscrapers”, the conference will discuss several key themes, including the largest tower in Africa to be built in the new administrative capital, the 20-tower business, and finance hub, and the new technologies used to design and construct such buildings.

The conference will cover 10+ topic including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, landscape and interior design besides building technology, construction techniques and materials, Façade treatment and cladding materials, vertical flow optimization, Safety and risk management, smart systems, Skyscraper Operation and maintenance, Ventilation and air conditioning systems and Sustainability.

Main Topics:

–      Vertical flow optimization.
–      Safety and risk management.
–      Structural design and seismic consideration.
–      Wind Engineering and damping oscillation.
–      Thermal comfort, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
–      Building technology, Construction techniques, and materials.
–      Façade treatment and cladding materials for high rise buildings.

Who Will Attend?

–      Anyone who is interested in high rise buildings and skyscrapers.
–      Architects, Urban Planner, Engineers, Contractors, and Developers.
–      Construction & Façade design firms.
–      National & Local Government Officials and Code & Regulatory Authorities.
–      Fire & Life Safety Professionals and risk management.
–      Consultants for each of Sustainability & green building, Cost & Surveyors and Vertical transportation.
–      Suppliers for Materials and building system.
–      Smart systems software companies (AI).

Organized by Arabian German for Exhibitions:
Tel. No.: +2 (02) 22703584
Mobile: +20 1110034472
E-mail: info@skyscraperegypt.com
Website: www.skyscraperegypt.com