MSADA 2018 Office Building

Fine Flower-Dubai Heart by HKA Hermann Kamte & Associates

Media Student Architecture & Design Award 2018
 First Award | Category: Office Building
Architect: Hermann Kamte & Associates
Country: Cameroon
In2017, we have be selected and invite to an international restricted competition by Dubai Municipality to reinvent their City Waterfront by proposing an entertainment centre which could be
the new iconic place of the city under the theme “Dubai Heart”.

The project stay in its proposal stage, our design “Fine Flower” is a complex of building/Skyscraper related to three important thematic we have identified in Dubai as the centre of an international culture: Cultural Identity, International Culture and human relation with nature. 

The important traffic in Dubai has a serious impact on identity because of the relation and imbrication of various cultures, the project is another way to reinterpret cultural architecture with a design which can connect international and local culture without destroy the existing civilisation habit in this region.




Fine Flower is a series of flower skyscrapers connect with a big heart, building and heart own specific function in the aim to enhance people experience in the park. Because every step and building is a unique experience, the project explore the relation between; Humanity, Water, Air and Earth.