MSADA 2018 Residential

Fonz casa by Osama Nasir

Media Student Architecture & Design Award 2018
 First Award | Category: Residential
Architect: Osama Nasir
Country: India
 This is Osama Nasir and the team, Young Architect and students, from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India, with my team members namely Nisha Gudhar, Mohd. Faiz Iqbal & Zubia Azhar.
It’s great to be finally here. We have been dreaming about the opportunity and possibilities of working collectively and directly with each other for a long time now. Our team can attest to that. There’s been hours put in balancing the schedules to make it happen.
Designing is fine but nothing beats an Architect living for the passion.
Working like this has always been a passion. Even in kindergarten I tried to set up a group-think session around a one swing and ten children problem.
Years later my diploma degree focused on harnessing group energy creatively. I’ve been inspired by teachers that got it right.
Architecture is a course with great opportunities, so we weren’t having any doubt; when it comes down to choose a profession. It takes a lot of commitment and desire to become an architect.
The spaces these professionals create needs to be structurally safe and sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Over the past half century, architecture and design has been about dictating, i.e. how people should live, work, play, learn, etc.. Traditionally, design of interior fell on architect as well. Designers need to respond to the environment rather than seconding for our needs. I emphasize a combination of architecture and interior design discipline to create a iconic building design with elaborate interior spaces worthy of our client lifestyle.
The main goal is to answer the best way how the space should be used, how it translates the best.

Some architects find it difficult to talk in conceptual or theoretical terms. We tend to think it is better to have more visual material than text on your drawings or images. There is nothing worse than having a few thousand words of detailed and so called explanatory text on architectural presentation pdfs.
A residence (casa) or house is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. Such a building may be called a residential building, especially if it consists of many apartments for rent. House may be owned by an owner/occupier or rented by tenants. In simple words house is the building in which accommodation is provided for families living independently of one another Historical background: High-rise houses had already appeared in ancient antiquity.

It is well known that residences are catalytic proteins which function to accelerate the living accommodations for human beings. This design, “FONZ Casa,” focuses on the design of residential buildings and what makes them work. Residential buildings are an important part of every human being and many studies have been performed on the designs to try to learn more about how the space should be used. Enzymes are involved in a lot of the digestion processes in the human body. The object of this design, however, is to know how they translate the best. Experiment one alters the amount of space to prove that the more space you have, the better the design takes place and a greater amount of product results.
Personally speaking, “A great design is not simply a response to the factors (i.e. Siting, briefing, sustainable technologies, construction and materiality, client and user preferences can all too easily dominate any presentation); nor should it sound like it.”