2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Bright Eastbund Hotel by Interscape Design Associates

Bright Eastbund Hotel is located on Chongming Island, Shanghai. The building was formerly a textile factory. The client adapts to the farm texture of “fields, forests, water, houses and roads”, searches for the historical traces of the original farm landscape and explores a transformation and development path for the farm. InterScape Design Associates follows emotional memory and combines the farm ecology to create a unique and poetic space where the past, the present and the future coexist. IDA provide FFE design & procurement for this hotel.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Bright Eastbund Hotel
Hospitality – Hotel & Bar Interior Built

Interscape Design Associates

Interscape Design Associates

Design Team
Interscape Design Associates

Qianshao Road,Chongming District,Shanghai


©Xin Qiu


Tranquil entrance and disarranged space order symbolize new opening-up and extension.

Standing in the countryside, the lobby uses curves seen in nature to represent the vigor and agility of the space and symbolize the talking to and collision with the future. The natural texture of artworks like the wheat and rice field injects vital energy into the space.

Lobby Lounge

Advocating nature, simplicity and balance. Soft light and shadow, natural green color and wood color bring out elegant quality. Drawing on the natural power from the farmland, the space layout is of a separated but not sparse style, cozy and natural with strong artistic vibe.

All Day Dining & PDR

The designer presents the theme of “light” in various forms. The symmetrical layout makes the space balanced and harmonious. Simplistic circulation lines guide guests through different scenes and change between functional spaces.

Sunshine, mountains and forests. The greatest good is as water.

All Day Dining follows the flow of light and shadow as the circulation line, sublimating emotional experience in each space and detail and building a modern poetic space with interesting entwining of light and shade. Large area of floor glasses brings the real and unreal together and enables the restaurant function to coexist with the surrounding in harmony.

Business Center

In order to avoid dull function layout, the designer tried to create difference between each function area inside the space as much as possible to build a layered space.

Brisk colors and soft lighting create a wide and pure environment.

Guest Room

Bright Eastbund Hotel has a total of 68 guest rooms. The shaping of space is based on the understanding of lifestyle. Natural trees, space talk, depiction of lines, metal and leather and pure blank are brought together to present a refined life experience.