2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Rebirth of Nora House by Taweecool Architects

The interior architectural design of Nora house, a new rebuilt environment which replaced into the 70-year old house. Conceptualized by ownerarchitect, the goal and end result of this project was to promote the vision of Nora family’s accountability in the context of cultural conservation of Nora’s culture as its contribution into the “Living community.” The interior architecture of Nora house was integrated with research-based design using low-cost design solution: LCDs with 5R’s (reuse, recycle, reclaim, re-pattern and re-value) and 80% of materials use, furniture, doors, windows, floor tiles, wooden floors and all decorative items are re-designed and re-valued which taken from the 70-year old-house as well as the design approach of sustainable living in the context of Thai-ness of modern Thai architecture.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Rebirth of Nora House
Private Residential Interior Built

Taweecool Architects

Khiensak Seangklieng

Design Team
Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, Ph.D., ASA., Sirichai Tonthong

Songkhla, Thailand


©Taweecool Architects

With taking advantage of the characteristics of southern orientation and re-pattern wooden windows and doors, Designer has transformed the interior arrangement-facing spaces into a bright open-plan living area.

The design of the timeless character of interior ambience comes from the concept of modern living of regional tectonics and includes contemporary details such as the decorative elements of furniture and its contexts. Interior architecture of Nora house strongly approach to transform a sense of hospitality with warm welcome to all guests.  The rebuild and replace of a new building nostalgically looks back to its humble origins whilst boldly proclaiming its modernity, celebrating life in what have come to be known as Nora environment”.

The interior space and its organization provides in both tangible and intangible qualities and values of modern Thai interior architecture with a sense of lightness, a sense of transparency, a sense of tranquility and coolness by providing the traditional elements and local wisdom of architectural tectonics as well as the intervention of interior re-interpretation of modern Thai living.