2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | 1250 Broadway | Perkins&Will

Studio as Lab – An exploratory place that highlights a collaborative and social context for work, offers choice and flexibility, and uses emerging technology and sustainable design in creating a positive environment for collaboration innovation and human performance. Using raised floor systems, reconfigurable furniture, and demountable partitions, PW created a resilient environment that adapts over time – giving staff the ability to manipulate their environment to support their process. Transformational biophilic design is integrated throughout, with bright light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and a green oasis of hydroponic gardens, providing an environment focused on the wellness of those within. The insights collected in the studio will help inform design solutions for the clients, staff, and community in the future.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

1250 Broadway
Interior Design



Design Team
John Sadlon, Brent Capron, Christopher Martorano, Brad Rogers

New York, NY

United States

©Garrett Rowland

Behavioral – Flexible and agile, the Perkins&Will design team created a workplace that will adapt to the needs of many individuals, work styles, and situations. Employees have the freedom to engage with the studio in the ways that best support their work. Created around four key personas, the Client, the Multi-tasker, the Desk Dweller and the Maker, the design anticipates the needs of the space through understanding the activities of those that occupy it, adapting to changing workstyles rather than obsolete organizational structures.

Cultural – Even before “social distancing” became the norm, the team explored a studio design that could both preserve human connection and provide places for more isolated and focused work in the absence of a traditional office setting. Client and staff spaces blend as the focus on hospitality and participation in the craft of the work take precedence over displaying finished product and concealing the messy process of design.

Technological – The robust IT/AV infrastructure and resources support agile working while in-studio, and seamlessly transition to enable continued productivity when working remotely. Cameras in the ceilings of conference rooms help facilitate participation in meetings and the design process when the participants are not all in the same location. Sensors in each room measure light, sound, temperature, and humidity to provide an optimal experience for staff. Clean airflow systems help mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens.

The New York studio of Perkins&Will never expected to move during a pandemic, but that’s just what was accomplished. The design team harnessed insights from staff to create a workplace that is flexible, agile, and receptive to new workplace norms, looking towards of the future of design and supporting those that create it.

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