2022 UDAD 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Agile 路 Spring Dawn Paradise | AGILE GROUP

The project, located in Hainan, is an immersive landscape created by the original form of plants combined with the function of the site. With unique high-quality natural resources, it integrates regional characteristics such as beaches, reefs, coconut groves and rich biological resources. The bar building is derived from the local traditional boathouse of the Li nationality as the motif, and the sloping tiled roof is used to cope with the rainfall in the typhoon season from June to October. The whole landscape integrates Hainan’s unique natural landscape elements and abundant tropical biological resources, looking for a more suitable way and language to inherit and evolve the local cultural environment. We work hard to reproduce the vast natural landscape in a small-scale site, and realize the vision of symbiosis between man and nature.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Agile 路 Spring Dawn Paradise
Public Landscape Architecture Built



Design Team
Anxin Tiangong, Ruihua

Hainan, China


漏ARCH. BLS Photography

By simulating the natural ecological environment, creating special amusement scenes, and humanized facilities for whole-year people, the design aims to realize the ideal dwelling by immersion landscape. Recently, with the epidemic raging, the forest landscape become a harbor for people to exercise and socialize, which is now a space for revitalizing people physically and mentally. It can relieve people’s mental stress by promoting social tolerance and reconnecting individuals with communities. The blending of healing green plants for people to gather highlights the green space, and creates an open and positive space for social interaction, welfare and environmental benefits.

The project conforms to the climate of Hainan, strengthens the regional characteristics, and interacts with the living scene and the therapeutic garden based on functional requirements, so as to be harmonious with nature as possible. Multi-level plant selection and application of sponge city technology make plant growth coordinate and promote each other to reduce maintenance cost, which takes full advantage of the ecological landscape resources to make the landscape microenvironment in this case reach a virtuous circle and improve sensory comfort, thus creating a natural, simple and ecological characteristic landscape and responsing to seasonal disaster climate positively.

The materials of the project are most from local natural resources, like tiles, thatch and wood, which contributes a kind of warm touch. Designers make full use of the healing effects of plants on sight, hearing, smell and touch, and create an immersive landscape space with diversified planting methods, various plant species, multiple functions for health, oxygen-enriched air and harmonious ecological environment. For example, wooden plank roads and outdoor seats provide opportunities for people to communicate here, so to relieve the pressure of urban life; Devices of rhinoceros, toucan and ostrich are entertaining; The encircling wooden plank road increases the sense of enclosure, creating an immersive and intimate experience for people; Children’s playground is integrated into the natural scenery, so that children can feel calm and relaxed here, and enjoy the beauty of nature while having fun here.