2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | REAL MIX | LaSalle Investment Management & Jingrui Capital

From the perspective of the spirit of the urban interface and place, the “rebirth of old buildings” is not only the face value of the facade renovation, but also the adaptation of people in the space behavior, including the experience of space and wind, rain and sunshine in the process of building. Create an opportunity for people to look at the external environment after being integrated into the building, forming an interactive relationship and a sense of stay with the environment. The design focus is shifted from the “immovable” “outside” to the “rich and variable” “inside”. Starting from an aesthetic feature, it gives meaning, experience and emotional resonance to urban life along with the consumption background.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Residential Architecture Concept

LaSalle Investment Management & Jingrui Capital

LaSalle Investment Management & Jingrui Capital

Design Team
LaSalle Investment Management & Jingrui Capital

Shanghai City


©LaSalle Investment Management & Jingrui Capital

The complex skin texture of the existing building, coupled with the transformation of the apartment design from the original centralized commercial function of ‘TRANS-PROGRAMMING’, adds great challenges to the hardware space and software functions. The design cleverly adopts concise techniques and continues the original strong geometric shapes, and adds a new open-air sunken square form. The space is reversed and divided into and down forms to create vertical and horizontal spatial continuity. The integrated and orderly movement lines connect the apartment units and And then activate the commercial space on the first floor.

The super-long coherent building volume is matched with a curved inner atrium, and the connecting two side corridors are located at the visual end of each arc, which cleverly separates the buildings according to different themed blocks. Another difference from general urban buildings is that this project does not have walls, which enhances the sense of closeness of the project, and makes the space from outside the street to the inner atrium flow through to create a unique surprise in the space, thereby creating a space in the space. The inner atrium space caters to the southeast wind in summer. The canyon-like deep space allows the wind to flow from south to north, from bottom to top, along the semi-arc geometry to run through the north-south central axis of the project. The northwest direction is mainly sheltered by the exterior wall of the building to reach the winter. A comfortable environment that keeps wind and summer cool.

The residential units of the apartment adopt a modular design, and the 583 units are mainly divided into four modules, which are unified with the building with a minimalist approach. The internet celebrity public area located on the large roof combines group methods to create such as roof sky garden and roof runway, which is rare in urban architecture that pays attention to the fifth facade of the building.

“Integration”, “release”, and “co-creation” are projects in line with the concept of urban space, with quality apartments + shared communities + supporting commerce as multi-business formats and integration of open blocks, renewing in one fell swoop, creating an elite-level life empowerment project, focusing on Present regional style and rich urban interface.

Jingrui Capital is a platform dedicated to the investment, development, renovation and operation of rental flats and office buildings under Jingrui Holdings (1862.HK). Jingrui Real Estate is oriented towards achieving quality asset management scale, with long-term rental apartments as a strategic business type and offices as an opportunity business type, focusing on urban regeneration and land allocation, through the holding, management and operation of stock properties, digging deeper into the value of real estate to create quality space for customers, while providing investors with “end-to-end” services, fulfilling the platform’s mission of “building asset value with heart”. We also provide end-to-end services to investors, fulfilling the platform’s mission of “building asset value with heart and soul”.