2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Al Aweer First Community Center Urban Design | Urban Planning and Quality of Life Department

Al Aweer Community is approximately 25 km East of the Center of Dubai. In the past it was known as one of the major agriculture areas in Dubai for falling on the largest aquifer zone on the Southeastern edge of Dubai’s borders with the neighboring Emirate.

With the expansion of Dubai’s urban fabric outwardly and the increasing demand for residential plots granted by the Government of Dubai to its citizens, Al Aweer since 2012 was the next obvious choice for a new residential community that will serve around 45,000 residents spread out over an area of approximately 11,400,000 sq meters and with a community center area covering around 850,000 sq meters including a retention pond.

Project Concept

Since the Project falls on 3 major blocks, and as per the program requirements received, it was designed to transition from an urban development to a semi urban development to a totally natural environment.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Al Aweer First Community Center Urban Design
Urban Design (Concept)

Urban Planning and Quality of Life Department

Saif Al Sadah

Design Team
Saif Al Sadah, Jose Rizal, Maria Zapido

Project Location
Al Aweer First – Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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Zone A: The Pond Park includes a large green sunken zone that acts as a pond temporarily in certain seasons to collect rainwater. It also provides a sanctum for the wildlife that has always been there, especially in the farms surrounding the area. The Sunken Park is surrounded by another linear raised green park that includes cafes, restaurants, Kids playground, outdoor sports facilities such as football fields, basketball courts and outdoor gym equipment, which proved its success and heavy use in Dubai Parks and sports fields all served plots dedicated for parking spaces and public transportation bus stops along the edges. The connectivity within the park is further reinforced by Cycling pathways, Jogging paths, walkways running all around its edge and connecting further with its neighboring Block, Zone B and the surrounding community.

Zone B includes Schools placed along a secondary road to keep traffic away from the residential area. Facilities such as football fields and closed gyms may be shared between schools during the day and rented out during the evening. A major pedestrian path runs through this block connecting all 3 blocks. A shopping center and a Police and Civil defense station are within the same block. Civil defense is placed on the corner for easier access towards any direction to comply with the 3 -5-minute response speed.

Zone C. The increase in demand for residential plots led to the proposal of Zone C as a residential area. Three major services are provided; a Grand Mosque for the daily 5 prayers, a Majlis which is used as a gathering space for the community consisting of a small hall for daily gatherings and a large dividable hall used for different occasions such as lectures, exhibits, weddings, and solace. A library that may serve students who wish to study in a secluded quiet place or those wishing to work remotely in addition to having closed meeting rooms and lending out books.

The three blocks complete each other and provide diverse environments for the residents of Al Aweer.