2023 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | AW Restaurant. Autumn | YUIMOM Group

AW Restaurant. Autumn provides guests with contemporary French cuisine. AW Restaurant. The red maple in Fall symbolizes Taiwanese favorite idea of harvest, combining the romantic characteristics embedded in French food culture. Autumn captures the spirit of autumn, with the vibrant colors of maple red color and apricot create representing the bountiful harvest and romantic characteristics found in French and Taiwanese food cultures and accentuate the main theme of the entrance.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

AW Restaurant. Autumn
Restaurant Interior Built


YUIMOM Group/ ALIEN Art (Conceptual Discussion)

Design Team
Rich Honour Design Group/ David Valentim

Kaohsiung, Taiwan



The bright maple red and yellow apricot color are transformed and used as the main vision of the entrance to create a gorgeous autumn scenery.The walls and pillars are adorned with materials that evoke an abstract expression of trees and stones basked in the autumn sunshine, displaying rich layers like a forest full of changing lights and hues. The space is adorned by warm colors such as rose gold, brown, and green-veined stone, expressing a sense of ripeness and the passage of time. The lighting design on the ceiling depicts tree branches and the bending of time, connecting cherished memories with fresh experiences created in this space. Overall, AW Restaurant. Autumn adopts the tone of maple red, delivering the beauty of harvest in Autumn, and the French romantic style.