2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Bad Mama Keelung by Adam Hunt Ideas

When Covid closed Australia’s borders for nearly 3 years, we found ourselves stuck in Taiwan.
So we decided to fill in some time by building a Bar out of an old fishing boat in a 150 year-old derelict building up a medieval laneway off the historic Kànzǎidǐng Night Street Fish Markets sandwiched between the Red Light District & a 17th century Temple to The Great Goddess Mazu – The Patron Saint of Seafarers everywhere in the ancient Port City of Keelung.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Bad Mama Keelung
Restaurant Interior Built

Adam Hunt Ideas

Adam Hunt

Design Team
Adam Hunt & Gemma Lin

Keelung, Taiwan


©Adam Hunt & Gemma Lin

The original Ketagalan Aboriginal inhabitants were invaded & conquered over centuries by the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Qing Dynasty Chinese, French, British & the Japanese.

It’s a cultural melting pot – so an Australian/Taiwanese couple decided to add some flavour to the already rich broth of Keelung.

Our Interior Design Style is best described as:

“The Art of Extreme Sustainability”
because we believe:
The Future is best served by Reimagining the Past.

Beside that – we’re a husband & wife team with zero budget or desire for fancy expensive shiny new building materials.

Age & texture brings character & story.

So apart from the Professional Kitchen & Bar equipment – all furniture, decor & art was made by us by hand from 100% recycled & repurposed materials.

Our plan was to work without any plans whatsoever.
So for 3 months we walked the beaches & headlands to harvest washed up wood from old fishing boats, plastic fishing net floats, plastic toys, rope, driftwood, enormous hardwood cable wheels, rusty oil drums, rusty anchors – as well as rescued materials from the many derelict dwellings dotting the coast.

We also had to find an old fishing boat, cut it up, load it onto a truck & squeeze it up the incredibly narrow alleyway to our derelict building.

Once we had a mountain of recycled building materials – our Interior Design evolved from what we found, repaired, rebuilt & repurposed.

We scavenged stuff from an abandoned 1968 coastal colony of legendary Finnish Architect Matti Suuronen’s “Futuro” Houses.

We even have a “Rescue Deity” whom we found in a crumbling derelict seaside hotel – so we built him a plinth in his own bamboo forrest, surrounded by ocean-tumbled rocks.

We built a light fitting from a rusty old anchor, surrounded by a school of “fish” fashioned from blue plastic fishing net floats with tails cut from washed up blue flip flops.

The bar shelves were built from wooden drawers rescued from furniture in derelict buildings & wooden slats from rope ladders from fishing boats.

We cut rotting upholstery off street abandoned furniture & replaced it with beach harvested slats of old wood We’re called “Bad Mama” because we celebrate Bad Women having good times.