2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Beijing FenZhongSi School | Beijing Sunlay Architectural Design Co., Ltd

The FenZhongSi School project is located in the FenZhongSi area of Fengtai District, Beijing. The School consists of three parcels of land with 36 classes of middle school, 24 classes of elementary school and 24 classes of kindergarten. The total site size is 57,619 m2 with a plot ratio of 0.8.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Beijing FenZhongSi School
Educational Architecture (Concept)

Beijing Sunlay Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Hua Zhang

Design Team
XiaoYa, Liu, Han, Xue, ZiYan, Xiong, Jia, Su

Project Location
Min Temple, Fengtai District, Beijing


©XiaoYa, Liu

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In such a large-scale educational project, the contradiction between high density and insufficient land is one of the topics that the design needs to face head-on. Furthermore,  Chinese students spend most of their time trapped in books and homework, so how to create a healthy and diversified learning environment for them is the main goal of the design. We hope to explore a more complex school system that meets the needs of teaching and learning efficiency. And simultaneously creating more flexible informal learning spaces and diversified public communication spaces to stimulate students’ interest in independent learning and to promote their social interactions, so that they can grow up healthily and freely.

The middle school and elementary school adopt a similar layout strategy. The gymnasium, lecture hall and other large-span spaces have distinctive architectural forms and the teaching buildings are regular and square, two parts connected by a mountainous volume to form a transportation corridor which also providing a variety of places for learning and communication. The mountainous roof creates a unique image of the building and also serves as a bleacher in the playground, which enriches the indoor and outdoor space for activities.

The kindergarten building forms a ring, bringing a soft and safe feeling. The landscape ramp extends from the ground to the roof terrace. Such a integrated design of the landscape and architecture provides a larger area for children to move around and play. The curved volume maximizes the lighting surface of the children’s activity unit to meet the harsh sunlight conditions of the site, and allowing children to enjoy more sunlight.