2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio | Babayants Architects

Bel Corpo body aesthetic studio in Moscow is the first completed commercial project for the Babayants Architects.

A client is adherent to a healthy and sportive way of life. And she always dreamt about creating a space devoted to body aesthetics. Bel Corpo is specialized in body care procedures. The main task of this project was to design an atmospheric, beautiful, and minimalist space where the guests would feel physically, emotionally, and visually comfortable.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio
Healthcare & Wellness Interior (Built)

Babayants Architects

Artem Babayants

Design Team
Artem Babayants

Project Location
Moscow, Russia


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The interior has to express softness and sensuality, set on relaxation and self-care. Roundish shapes, tactile textures, soft lines, and a warm color scheme create a nearly meditative feeling. The first associations that Bel Corpo brings are soft and moisturized skin, seducing women’s body curves, inner glow, and life energy.

The objective of this space is to return a person to a current moment. Once in a studio, the guests forget they’re in the heart of the metropolitan city. They enjoy the moment. They have precious time for self-care.

The monochromatic color scheme, plasticity of shapes, tactile materials, and light create a sensuous atmosphere.

Every element is essential in a visually clean project. Everything is submitted to interior architecture: rounded arches and outlines of each detail in absolutely every space.

All the walls and even handrails are handmade covered by plaster. This way, visual depth, tactility, and sensitivity had been achieved. There is a unique-textured natural stone on the floor. The use of this material was fundamental due to the physical sensation that it creates once one touches it.

The reception desk, bar, and cabinet furniture in the studio rooms are custom-made of fiberglass. All pieces have round shapes. Glossy surfaces are splendidly contrasted with opaque and raw ones adding some playfulness and lightness to the interior.

Light is no less essential in the project. There are bright direct ones as well as accent backlights with different shading scenarios. This way, the immersive space has been set.

The deepest meaning of the project is naturalness, inspiration and adoration of nature’s beauty, lines, shapes, and tints it has. Instead of decoration pieces, there are tree trunks stripped of bark. They symbolize the firmness and eternal beauty of nature.

On the second level of the atrium, there is naturally dried and “planted” fresh grass from the Netherlands. This added an incredible fresh herby fragrance of a green field to the space. The oasis benefits the guests’ relaxation and creates a spectacular background for the oxygen capsule located in a room on the second floor. The capsule looks like a space object. The image of this capsule on the background of the grass was born at the very beginning of the design project, and it was possible to complete it with 100% accuracy.

The atrium is the first space that meets the incoming guests. There are reception desk, a bar serving fresh smoothies, and a lounge zone at the window.