2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Black Bull Restaurant | Jingle Design

Rejecting to be formatted, the Black Bull Restaurant not only renovates the stereotyped Japanese yakiniku style under the chain business, but also adds innovation, diversity and interaction to the scene experience, so as to evoke the emotional connection between diners, space and brand.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Black Bull Restaurant
Restaurant Interior Built

Jingle Design

Bo Zhou, Yuyang Cai

Design Team
Di Ma, Yuanyi Zhu, Na Cao, Fanlong Zeng, Xueyong Dong, Liutong Song

Shenyang, China



The concept of “parallel space” is based on the creation of scene perception. When diners walk in, they will enter a specific scenario elaborately created by the designers. Under the overlapping of multi-dimensional axes, a strange and unconventional experience will lift people out of the external world, and immerse themselves in the pleasure of present dining mood, then achieving the transformation from deep space memory to brand commercial value.

Between openness and enclosure, the gathering and centripetal force of the circular space, mixed with the warm brick red and brilliant copper tones, gives off an air of ease and relaxation. Turning to the polishing of details, the designers have integrated the composition, light and shadow between points, lines and planes, thus connecting the sensory experience of diners with different touch points of the space.

Within this context, people’s sensors, bodies, and minds will momentarily forget the city’s bustle, shed exhaustion, and immerse in the pleasure of the present dining mood. Whether it is a warm gathering with wine and stories, or the pleasure of quietly tasting food, people can find an ideal state of ease here.

“We hope that every guest who settles in can return to the comfortable rhythm and enjoy in a beautiful dining experience here, in a space that embraces endless imagination”, say the designers.