2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Caohejing Beiyang AI Innovation Center Exhibition Center | HIGHTHINK

The Caohejing Beiyang AI Innovation Center Exhibition Center is located in Huajing Town, Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is a three-story building that stands out from traditional office buildings with its architectural design featuring a wide upper portion and a narrow lower section, cantilevering towards the park road. The transparent glass facade subtly reveals the interior, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The first floor has a pentagonal shape, while the second and third floors share the same vertex as the first floor, extending on both sides to form a regular triangular floor plan. The entire three-story layout exudes a sculptural quality and is deeply rooted in the site’s characteristics, incorporating a minimalist, post-modern style. Through the use of dynamic triangular symbols and tech-inspired details, it creates a multifunctional intelligent space suitable for exhibitions, experiences, meetings, work, and leisure.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Caohejing Beiyang AI Innovation Center Exhibition Center
Workplace & Office Space Interior Built


Qing Wang、Yi Lin

Design Team
Pianpian Su, Yuanjun Zhao, Deming Huang, Zhangyang Wang, Yingqian Yao, Yifei He, Guoming Li, Yanmei Huang, Jiawen Zhang, Qiuyu Shen, Tai Fang, Wei Yu




The first floor continues the slanted roofline of the exterior space, with a silver-white ceiling gradually decreasing in height as you move inward, creating a minimalist and inward-contracting reception hall that beckons exploration. The lobby, waiting area, reception desk, and elevator hall are sequentially arranged. The middle floor is organized around the central sandbox exhibition hall, with lounge areas, experiential galleries, and core areas placed in triangular positions. Additionally, the design leverages variations in floor levels, using a 13-level step configuration to separate the core area on the northwest side from the conference area on the east. The central area is wrapped in terrazzo with an arched interior sunken exhibition hall adorned with evenly spaced light strips. The same texture walls continue on the east side, forming a warm brown-toned relaxation area. Both the upper and lower parts of the exhibition hall are in black, creating a stark contrast with the warm white space outside and differentiating from the calming tone of the exhibition floor. The office floor offers more usable spaces and features a color palette predominantly in blue, gray, and white, with occasional accents of vermilion to enrich the spatial hierarchy. The area opposite the middle and second-floor exhibition halls is expanded into a triangular area with the same shape as the entire floor plan, divided from west to east into a reception area, an open lounge area, two meeting rooms, and a small conference room.

The Caohejing Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center Exhibition Center serves as a starting point for an oblique axis that opens an integrated high-tech artificial intelligence corridor, encompassing office research and development, exhibition experiences, and interactive communication. As the building closest to the subway station in the park, the Exhibition Center plays a crucial role in initiating and serving as a hub for this science and innovation town, accelerating the development of the flourishing high-tech district.