2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Central Park Presentation Pavilion by II BY IV DESIGN

Inspired by a nature-connected lifestyle, Central Park is a 12-acre master-planned community to be completed in 2026. It will incorporate industry-leading environmental initiatives for a clean, energy-efficient, highly sustainable, and wellness-focused lifestyle. And the design for its Presentation Pavilion had to reflect this lofty ambition.    

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

Central Park Presentation Pavilion
Retail Interior 


Dan Menchions

Design Team
Dan Menchions, Keith Rushbrook

Toronto, Ontario



In today’s culture, the retail experience has migrated from visual to experiential. Successful visions are presented to the investors through immersive environments, taking them to the future where they can feel and imagine the possibilities. Following this method, Central Park’s Presentation Pavilion has been designed as a time capsule, a striking architectural glass box that transports the prospective residents to their forthcoming life.   

Wrapped in a soaring 4-storey window façade, the Pavilion is positioned on the site to display the surrounding breathtaking views. It is nestled between Toronto’s protected ravine, forested residential neighborhoods, the city’s growing skyline, and one of its hip urban areas. Inside, outfitted in natural materials and cutting-edge Green prototypes, an orchestrated retail journey weaves thoughtful moments of theater, lifestyle stories, interactive elements, and a series of vignettes. Each display a touchpoint: kitchen, walk-in closet, bathroom, etc. These vignettes immerse the visitors in the overall environment while visually merchandise the selection of future-forward finishes, furniture, and products. The carefully planned wayfinding strategy moves the visitors effortlessly from the entrance, infusing the power of storytelling with their five senses, where the prospective residents get a chance to experience amenities, perks, customizations, and future-forward features. Moreover, there are custom-designed multimedia installations, and free-standing fixtures thoughtfully placed for visual merchandising, knowledge gathering, and telling the story of this visionary development. Highly curated, this memorable journey through the two-floor space of the Pavilion exhibits how serene life could be when connected to nature.  

Amid the climate crisis, the Residences at Central Park promise a healthier, more sustainable future. It will integrate green initiatives like reflective solar panels, green roofs, and a thermal building envelope. As a result, the Presentation Pavilion has been designed as a permanent building for this development to conform to this critical idea, proving the team’s commitment to sustainability. Designed with a holistic approach, it will remain intact, transforming into a multi-purpose cultural hub for the sought-after community of Toronto’s Central Park.