2023 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner: Chinese Lacquer | SHUNHUI TECH

As a natural medium with a millennia-old history, Chinese lacquer can be glued, coated, painted, decorated, and inlaid. Chinese lacquer art embodies the essence of time, carrying a unique beauty and the charm of lacquer itself. From lacquer to artistry, the traditional lacquer art has evolved, accumulating profound cultural and aesthetic heritage. It also showcases the talents and wisdom of artists and designers in the realm of Chinese lacquer art.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2023

Chinese Lacquer
Product Design Built


Zhang Feng

Design Team
Zhang Haijun, Feng Lu, Sun Qing, Wu Ling

Project Location
Foshan, Guangdong


©SHUNHUI TECH Marketing Department

Building upon the cultural heritage of Shun Cheng Ceramic Group for over two decades, SHUNHUI TECH is closely dedicated to the preservation and innovation of Chinese traditional culture and art. In 2019, driven by a passion for China’s intangible cultural heritage and the desire to rejuvenate cultural treasures, SHUNHUI TECH introduced the first generation of the Classic Lacquer Series (Lacquer Zhuge, Lacquer Jinshan, Lacquer Yunwen, and Lacquer Qingzhu), with the aim of bringing Chinese lacquer art back into contemporary living spaces.

In 2022, building upon the foundation of intangible cultural heritage lacquer, SHUNHUI TECH added modern lifestyle trends such as “natural, fashionable, luxurious, and classical” into their creative imagery. Utilizing various intangible cultural heritage techniques, they integrated the myriad facets of lacquer’s colors into the creativity of contemporary living and modern home styles. This has given SHUNHUI TECH a unique artistic charm with a touch of “folk art” (Lacquer Liujin, Lacquer Zhishang, Lacquer Qianye, Lacquer Huayan, Lacquer Binfen, Lacquer Ruyi, Lacquer Mailang).