2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Cloud square lime one banquet | Shen Hengbing independent design studio

If there is a feast in the mountains, product floating LAN warm green;
If you feel thirsty in the mountains, drinking water light mountain color.

This mountain elegant banquet, hidden in the quiet Jinyun platform more than 600 meters above sea level, by the mountain, beside the mountain, looking at the mountain, full of green and verdant eyes; Shrouded in clouds and mists; Ink scenery, painting poetry.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Cloud square lime one banquet
Commercial and Hospitality Interior Built

Shen Hengbing independent design studio

Hengbing Shen

Design Team
Hengbing Shen

Chongqing China


©Cloud square lime one banquet

Design from the landscape, architecture, interior tripartite layout.

From the parking lot, there is a view. The designer uses the old stone of the house site found everywhere as raw materials, and uses cement as the connection to create a landscape walk. Abandon straight up and straight down, Z-shaped winding around, seven or eight steps to see a platform, more than 7 meters vertical slope climbing easily, but also have a lot of time to enjoy the scenery.

This beauty can be seen from afar or near. Far, is the setting sun mountain, is the clouds all over the sky, is the wind blowing bamboo Yang, is the two sides of the mountains; Near, there are orchards, vegetable fields, terraces, flowers and plants. Layers of scenery, four seasons have incense, beautiful empty, four seasons color.

The walking path is upward, and the architectural design is minimalist, modern, natural and clean. The appearance is shaped by the official hat, with micro-cement as the main material, the building and landscape are unified and clean, indoor and outdoor like heaven.

Look at the details of the roof cornice beveled edge, is the evolution of Qing Dynasty official hat. The foyer takes the traditional porch as the concept, and the building uses a large area of glass as the curtain wall to introduce the natural landscape into the interior and become the natural background wall. The design also creates a viewing platform, which adds a place for leisure and wild interest. The setting sun makes the house full of golden color; At the beginning of the neon, the night of the night of the city, jumping into the eyes, touching the heartstrings, romance and enjoyment in the mind, interwoven in the heart, so that this private dinner has become more than enough.

The inner courtyard built by the designer for the building, with the traditional dry landscape to create the environment, and complement the natural scenery, the visual center of the overflow tank, the water drops, the mountain has the water scene, such as birds singing.

The interior space is minimalist. Due to the project essence of “One Banquet”, only a large banquet round table with a diameter of 3.2 meters is set up, echoing the round shape of “Zenith”, which can receive 16 people for tea and dinner.

The space layout adopts the main guest position, and the meticulous background wall adds elegance; The lighting design takes care of each place, each plate of dishes, each set of tableware, light and dark levels, virtual and solid dependence; The color design uses the natural color of micro-cement to collide with the nostalgic warm wood color to build the beauty of nature.

This scene here, leisurely and see, no mountain is not beautiful. In the high mountain, floating clouds to enjoy the poetic short life, in the high private dinner, difficult to enjoy the host and guest smile, is rich quiet, is exquisite pleasure, but also the encounter of life.