2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Cloud View Sales Center | ENJOYDESIGN STUDIO

In the Project of Guangzhou Cloud View Sales Center, the operation team of Zhonghai Group made a new exploration of the mode of “Mix community Business of residential real estate” : combined with the concept of contemporary living requirements, and cooperated with the well-known aesthetic lifestyle brand “Fang Suo” to create the “FUNZONE Living Room”.The combination of “real estate + brand” customized a leisure aesthetic space for the community for long-term use in the future.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Cloud View Sales Center
Public Building Interior Built


Guo Jie

Design Team
Guo Jie

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China



As the interior designer of the project, ENJOYDESIGN combined the research results of the target customer group and the needs of both the owner and the space operator to create a stylishboutique- hotel-quality living space, with aesthetics and humanization, which is based on the core needs of the users.

This is a community building from the proposal of a better life to the realization of it, as well as a fusion product of humanization and aesthetic lifestyle. ENJOYDESIGN aims to be long-termism, starting from humanistic care and life scenes, and promoting the convergence of commercial, experiential and cultural activities with spatial planning, giving local residents a promise of “what you see is what you get”.

Pursue the past, explore the future. ENJOYDESIGN continues Fang Suo’s life aesthetics culture in the design. Starting from five scenes of floral experience, aesthetic bookstore, coffee light food, taste of spices, and vigorous sports, ENJOYDESIGN interprets the concept of “OLD MEETS NEW” and creates an FUNZONE living room bearing traditional civilization and future hope, to realize a virtuous cycle of neighborhood integration, common culture and shared formats of business.

Such a large city window, classical poetry and painting, diversified scene experience, from architecture, landscape to interior, constitute a picture of a better life.

It is a completely different picture, the creature that comes from deep sea is swimming slowly, the flower of multicolored is like contend for blooming, as if a romantic encounter with premeditation for a long time. The colors belonging to the ocean where jellyfish swim lightly, and an ecological fish tank containing countless small lives is just a miniature of the ocean world, which makes people feel comfortable in fun and happiness.

Gardens, oceans and flowers seem to be unrelated but closely related. They symbolize human civilization, ecological genes and natural gifts. They sail out together with the ark, which shares the same pronunciation of FUNZONE in Chinese, to explore more ways for better life in future.

It is a carrier of aesthetic life and spiritual pursuit, creating an ideal lifestyle community through co-branding with Fang Suo. The future business operation will be led by FangSuo, forming a community model covering bookstores, coffee shops, floral art and aesthetic life hall, realizing the integration of culture, creativity and sharing, stimulating the enthusiasm and happiness of surrounding people, and helping the birth of a new scene of neighborhood life.

The mellow fragrance is dense, telling the complete process of grinding, filtering and extraction of a cup of coffee, just like people in the ark, absorbing nutrients of knowledge in the world of books. From reviewing the past to looking forward to the future, beauty is the eternal definition.

Each stroke of the seal cut on the bookcase alludes to the evolution of Chinese characters, which are unique characteristics of Chinese civilization. There are books on aesthetics, baking, floriculture and so on. The diverse cultural contents are closely related to daily life, stimulating people’s creativity and forming a unique aesthetic atmosphere.

A sense of human life and aesthetic ceremony is on stage. The emotions hidden in the heart are written on the natural grass and wood paper, the laws of nature are explored in the process of specimen making, and the temperature of neighborhood interaction is increased in flower arrangement and baking sharing. Nowhere to put the good, hidden in corner, it enrich the lack of spirit. Handicraft workshops are also one of the platforms for creativity to volatilize. In the process of creation and harvest, people are motivated to participate in community activities.

With a forward-looking view in line with future living needs, ark Living room takes green, health, vitality and sports as the starting point, and is equipped with fitness experience room, landscape supporting facilities, aerial yoga studio, parent-child playground and other scene combinations. By focusing on the refinement of community life experience, ark living room welcomes the advent of innovative lifestyle era.

As anoth e r e x p l o r a t i o n between residential real estate and community business of
Zhonghai operation team, FUNZONE h a l l r a d i a test from the community to the city. Adhering to humanistic care, it jointly promotes the sustainable content o f comm u n i t y c u l t u r e , f o c u s e s o n t h e u r b a n temperament and reverts to the future community life, and establishes an aesthetic lifestyle hidden in the city.