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COLOURLIVING is a one-stop lifestyle and retail destination in Hong Kong that handpicks curated designer home furnishing and fittings for designers and customers to transform their living spaces with style

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333 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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The company has been actively channelling wellness as a way of modern living than only a state of mind by bringing the trendy concept into the individual’s life. To answer the growing demand for ways to invite harmony into the homes, COLOURLIVING has introduced a new, conceptual in-store pop-up zone, Wellness Living, for customers to pacify their body and mind at home.

The space is conceived with a design DNA to create an immersive experience for customers on how wellness can be realised at their own enclaves through themed, zonal quarters. The pop-up corner features a special kitchen, customised tea bar, a comforting living space and a home spa as a holistic concept to promote wellness that takes comfort, style and personal care to a whole new level.

The wellness kitchen is a new trend poised to transform the most popular room in our home into a better reflection of ourselves. The kitchen corner features a culinary workstation that is as functional as it is aesthetic pleasing, creating a unique place to cook, eat and entertain while bringing the idea of wellness living to the forefront.

Designed to mimic a private mini bar, the customised tea spot takes centrestage as a calming corner with a ‘food and drink’ connection that serves to inject wellness into life and boost individual well-being. Located on the ground floor, the soothing tea corner defined by a warm, neutral palette and a relaxing bar table is set against the kitchen corner with a restrained, dark hue, emanating a strong visual contrast that invites customers for an immersive shopping experience.

The design team has also envisaged a few scenarios of domestic living spaces for customers to imagine a dream home setting of their own who demand for an enhanced quality of living – from a dynamic, energetic living area adorned with funky wallpapers to a Nordic-inspired minimalist, serene dining area.

Completing the Wellness Living concept is a home spa that accentuates the idea of creating a personal retreat at home. A relaxation pool is positioned in an earthy setting flanked by wooden plank floor, creating a unique form of wellness for indoor living while an indoor sauna space pampers a relaxed body and mind. The area is connected with the adjacent zones with a nod to nature with greenery such as overhanging and standing planters placing against a floral-patterned feature wall covering and outdoor lighting, simulating an outdoor ambience that brings the outdoor into the home.