2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Comporta Beach House | Rita Valadão – Arquitectura & Interiores

In an idyllic seaside landscape, we find a house that is a testimony of the perfect symbiosis between nature, interior design, landscaping and living, leisure. Not merely a renovation project, this transformation has elevated an existing home to a new level of beauty and functionality.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Comporta Beach House
Interior Design

Rita Valadão – Arquitectura & Interiores

Rita Valadão

Design Team
Rita Valadão, Marcia Bento, Romulo Esteves



©Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Respecting the Past, Embracing the Future
Located in a paradisiacal environment, the existing house has been carefully improved and transformed into retreat near the sea. The project embraced the challenge of creating new spaces, such as a laundry, storage room and a bedroom for the caretakers who take care of the house on a daily basis.

A House by the Beach
Inspired by its proximity to the beach, the choice of a muted color palette, with beige as the base colour, permeates both the walls and the floor. This choice of colors creates a feeling of continuity and harmony, making the home feel like a natural extension of the beach.

An Oasis in the Garden
Outside, the garden located at the back of the house has been transformed into a small oasis. A swimming pool invites you to relax, while the main pool area is unified by the same calming beige palette. A barbecue and outdoor bar space, a sunny area, perfect for relaxing and basking in sunshine, is adorned with comfortable beds, for inviting moments of tranquility.

Furthermore, a spacious daybed allows one to spend time with friends while enjoying the sun. It’s the ideal location to relax and share moments of laughter under warm sunlight. The outdoor bathroom was designed and built from scratch, as it did not exist previously. This offers maximum convenience, with easy access to and from the leisure areas and the swimming pool.

In a more inconspicuous area of the property, storage and machinery facilities were designed and camouflaged in the landscape, incorporating the typical decoration of thatched and crudely white painted woods. These volumes have been designed in such a way as to blend in, keeping the natural beauty of the place intact.

Landscaping with Expertise
One of the highlights of this project is the carefully planned landscaping. A thorough study was taken with specialized professionals, to ensure that the garden around the house was a true natural spectacle. The client, a connoisseur lover of plants, trees and flowers, played an active role in the choice and arrangement of species, resulting in a vivid expression of her love for nature.

An Infinite View of the Garden
In addition, a leisure area has been created outside, with dining and seating areas. Here, occupants can enjoy a magical setting, with endless views of the garden. It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset, a truly magical experience that adds a special touch to this retreat close to the sea.

Charming Details
The colourful touches of this project are in the textiles and in the carefully selected works of art, that add life and personality to each of its spaces. However, the basis of the house is composed of natural materials, including wood, stone and kapacal, a material that provides a rustic and natural touch that integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment.

This project is an inspiring example of how renovating an existing home can result in a residence retreat near the sea, which not only respects nature, but also celebrates it. Harmony between interior design, landscaping and its surroundings is evident in every detail, from the soft colour palette down to natural choice of materials.

This house in Comporta (Portugal), is more than just housing: it’s a retreat that soothes the soul and rejuvenates the senses. It’s a tribute to the timeless beauty of nature and to the commitment and dedication of the entire team involved that transformed it into a beach oasis, with the valuable contribution of a passionate plant and nature loving client. Here the sunset is truly magical.