2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Copa | MCAA Arquitetos

Creating a design amidst the bustling urban environment becomes a challenge when striving to harmonize with nature. Deliberating on the task of establishing a meaningful connection between the project and its environment, the objective was to forge a development seamlessly interwoven with city life while maintaining its ties to the local landscape. This endeavor was pursued without compromising the comfort and convenience inherent in urban living. The project’s aspiration was to exude opulence, sensory architecture, biophilic elements, and a sweeping view of the lush greenery in the vicinity. This pursuit sought to achieve a symbiosis with the natural surroundings, resulting in an elegant, contemporary, and inviting environment that enhances the overall quality of life.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Housing Multi-Family (Under Construction)

MCAA Arquitetos

Rogerio Castro Conde

Design Team
Carlos Azevedo Antunes, Rogerio Castro Conde, Pilar Lorenzo, Cristiano Cittadino, Nadia Ruiz Pedrique, Frederica Fernandes, Andreia Ortega, Felipe Chieus Rossi, Tatiana Clemente, Alessandra Figueira, Ciro Bertini, Juliana Palhuca, Cristiane Sato, Vanessa Massucci, Nadine Amaral

Project Location
São Paulo – Brasil


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At the heart of São Paulo, rises Copa. This residential development stands out as a beacon, melding bold and contemporary design with the city’s brutalist heritage. Its location is its defining characteristic, aiming to provide well-being, leisure, and sophistication across all spaces. A modern and welcoming home.

The project is situated in Moema, a prestigious and sophisticated neighborhood in the southern zone of São Paulo. Its location, near key access routes, ensures easy access to an extensive urban infrastructure. Indianópolis Avenue, in particular, serves as a pivotal axis for real estate development in the area. Moreover, Moema stands out for its lush parks and verdant spaces nestled within the urban sprawl, including Ibirapuera Park and Bicycle Park. These natural elements had a direct impact on the project’s inception. The objective was to seamlessly blend the external and internal environments, effectively transforming the local flora into a design element.

The design of the development was conceived as an extension of the permanent panoramic view of the public parks and skyline in the neighborhood, featuring straight, clean, and elegant lines that ascend towards the sky. Nature stretches out and embraces a timeless, minimalist, and simple design. The lush trees and their canopies that crown the entire access entrance served as inspiration for conceiving a truly unique development. The verticality of these tree trunks has been incorporated into the façade composition, where these trunks gradually embrace the façade, unveiling the building within. The park unfolds behind the preserved treetops, providing a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

This direct connection with nature occurs especially through the windows and wide openings in the project, allowing the residents to partake in what nature and the city have to offer from the comfort of their home.

The DNA of this project is the luxury of living in an urban space without sacrificing the benefits of nature. Situated on a 3,000 m² plot, all its features reflect the exclusivity and privacy that the development offers. Aiming to preserve the original topography and pre-existing vegetation of the land, a single tower has been built, taking advantage of a privileged setback of 30 meters from Indianópolis Avenue.

The project stands as a living testament to how architecture can be an expression of functional art, catering to the demands and aspirations of modern life.